Marylou’s Sweet Retreat

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I wanted a feminine nursery for my new baby girl that was calming colors. I chose yellows, greys, and khaki's.

Design Inspiration

The bedding, i found this wonderful floral Joel Dewberry bedding from Javis Davis. I wanted something feminine, but not pink, this fit the bill perfectly!

Decorating Style


Project Details

I kept the wall color the same except the wall behind the crib I painted one shade darker and did decals from etsy. I bought most of my furniture from pottery barn, its simple and can be used for future children.

Favorite Items

Its a tie between the floral mirror i got at a consignment shop and painted yellow, the three bird art panels my mother painted for me and the darling rocker from Jessica Charles.


take it slow -i started this at 18 weeks and finished when i was 39 weeks. If you are doing something non-traditional, it takes time to find peices that work.


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    I love that you steered clear of the pink but didn’t add searing neon colors in its place. The room looks very warm and calm, reminds me of a sunny afternoon.

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    I am thinking that it might be too “old”? But then again, I love the yellow/grey/khaki color scheme :) And I love that chocolate brown/mahogany furnitures :)

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    Room is definitely not old! It’s clean & modern with sweet vintage touches! I think it’s perfect for baby Marylou!! Awesome job!!

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    My mom painted the three trees above the changing table – i watched her do it and it was really easy.  Just paint 3 canvas’ the color of your choice (I plan to do lavendar for Marylou’s next room when she moves rooms).  Then paint on white paint – id suggest drawing on paper what you want to try to replicate.  It was inexpensive and I tried to copy some paintings I saw on serena and lily (that were way out of my budget). 

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