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Marin’s Nursery

Project Details

Photos by John Woodcock Photography.

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  1. avatar Beth says:

    Where is the bedding from?

  2. avatar Lulubean says:

    Really, really pretty room for a little girl! Wish I could see more!

  3. avatar Joanna says:

    This room was actually featured by Rebecca a few years ago on PN with all of the details. I just recently got around to adding the professional picture we had taken of it.

    Check out the link here….

  4. avatar Gavin Crew says:

    Only one photo?? I want to see more of this gorgeous and feminine space. That tree mural or decal looks three-dimensional.

  5. avatar PamGinocchio says:

    Would love to see more photos and details on this nursery!

  6. avatar Sabrina-PN says:

    this is really lovely– would love to hear more details about where you found all the special touches to make this room so pretty!