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Marie Antoinette 1st Birthday


Our Marie Antoinette birthday has become my new favorite!! It was months of planning and hard work but it paid off! When the birthday girls mom contacted us about doing her party all she said she wanted was pink and gold but something different. I have also had in the back of my mind that I wanted to do a Marie Antoinette party and after going to The Pinkitzel bricktown OKC I was sold!! I was just hoping she would see our crazy vision! After going over everything with her she was on board and picked the bright color option! We were super excited to get started. After searching on Etsy and not really finding what I wanted I decided to take a stab and design them myself! I really liked the way they turned out. I purchased the Marie clipart from Bubblegum Blowfish on Once the invite was designed the party decor just fell into place.