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Marcus’ Big Boy Bedroom


I wanted to create a room for Marcus that was very functional and stylish at the same time. I also wanted the room to be a continuation of the style and decor of our home. So I opted for neutral tones, with lots of brown, white, beige, creams and then pops of colors here and there. I knew that if I used a neutral color palette I would not having problems creating and sourcing decor items for the space.

The furniture is from IKEA. The bed is placed flushed with the dresser and a piece of stained maple wood lays on top to create a one-piece furniture that works really well for the space. We use the same stained maple wood at other places in the room to tie everything together. Having the bed against the wall makes the room more spacious and gives Marcus more areas for playing. I created the wall canvasses, wallpaper, and acrylic bike décor so all the colors would work together with the adorable bedding by dwell studio. The bike décor is Marcus favorite piece of the room. The bright red acrylic really stands out. I guess I could say that the bike is also my favorite piece in the room. I am very pleased with how it turned out. The room is bright, elegant, functional and fun.

Project Details

Wall canvasses: Trendy Peas Acrylic bike decor: Trendy Peas Wallpaper: Trendy Peas Furniture: IKEA Rug: Dwell Studio for Target Bedding: Dwell Studio

Favorite Items

The red bike and wall canvasses that I designed to match the colors on the bedding.

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  1. avatar KR says:


    Agree with all of the comments. Fabulous! Can you send the email to me with the details?


  2. avatar Brittany says:

    I love the wall colors. Do you remember what colors you used for the walls and trim?

  3. SharoniNoni,

    Luckily, my husband enjoys working on our house projects. So as long as I help him hold the self, he is happy to do it. To be honest the hard part was finding the studs on the wall. But once we had an idea of where they were, it was pretty smooth…

  4. avatar SharoniNoni says:

    I love how you’ve used the Lack shelf horizontally on the wall. Is it difficult to mount it in that orientation?

  5. avatar hillperk says:


    Thank you for your response! I love that you incorporated your husband’s hobby into Marcus’ room – even more meaningful. : )

  6. avatar trendypeas says:


    I am glad you hear that you liked the room. The airplane is actually a remote control airplane that my husband used to fly. Unfortunately he doesn’t remember where he got it. It was put away in the basement, so we fixed it up a bit and used it in Marcus’ room. I have a feeling Marcus will be flying it one day…

  7. avatar trendypeas says:

    little viking,

    Hi Little Viking. Thank you so much for the kind words. We really tried hard to make the IKEA furniture look a little more upscale. Amazing what some knobs and a little special touch can do. I will be sure to tie the blind strings right away :)

  8. avatar hillperk says:

    Hi there,

    Great job! The room looks incredible. Would you mind sharing where you found the (hanging) airplane? Thank you!

  9. avatar little viking says:

    Looks beautiful and not “Ikea” at all- looks very high end. But please tie up those strangulation hazards- they are making the Mom in me anxious!

  10. avatar Raquel Kohler says:

    This room turned out so great. It is pleasing to both kids and adults. I would have to say the red acrylic bike is my favorite piece as well. Love it!!

  11. avatar trendypeas says:

    Hi Pam. I am glad to hear that you liked the room. I would love to share the DIY projects I did for this room. Should I just do a brief description here or maybe email you a more detailed version with photos?

  12. avatar Pam says:

    Love this room! The neutral tones with pop of red is fantastic. Want to share some of your DIY projects from this room with PN?