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Make a WISH Birthday


Madeline was granted a few wishes for her birthday, in pink, silver and aqua "because that's what color wishes are!"

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My daughter

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  2. avatar Shaina says:

    Where did you find the tea cart???

  3. avatar Festa Fácil says:

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  4. avatar Paula says:

    The color is Krylon Ocean Blue. :)

  5. avatar Rachael Johnson says:

    I love these Colorado! What color and brand is the aqua on the hutch?

  6. avatar Jennifer says:

    This is so beautiful!! What color is the blue on the china cabinet?? I want to do my little girls room in all of these colors

  7. avatar Dandelion says:

    Oh my, those cookies look so pretty, I’m sure the guests wouldn’t want to eat them! The party really looks beautiful in every aspect.

  8. avatar MarissaS says:

    Such a sweet party for your little princess. I like the make-a-wish concept and the blue-and-pink color scheme.

  9. avatar Kristin says:

    This is amazing, fantastic job. I can’t imagine why anyone would give this less than 5 stars! It’s brilliant.

  10. avatar S.Harris says:

    Gorgeous! Well done! Happy Birthday Miss M!

  11. avatar Paula says:

    All a labor of love! The birthday girl was exceedingly happy that day. :)

  12. avatar Melisa says:

    Are you kidding, this is incredible Paula!