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Maggie and Millie’s Mod Floral Bedroom


When mom Helen emailed me with the project, I was excited about the small space challenge for this studio apartment home. Most of my projects in the past have been more traditional and youthful.  This client wanted a contemporary, clutter-free, mature feel for the room, yet it should have a warm, intimate, and playful vibe.

Design Inspiration

Mom has chosen the bedding and some matching accessories for this room.  Since the bedding was white, yet sharp, we decided on the dark walls to make the accessories and bedding pop against it.  From there, we had our starting point.

Decorating Style

This room has a contemporary, clean look, yet when entering the room, it has a warm, lived in feel.  The desk and closet corner seamlessly fit the style of the home.

Project Details

Most of the decor in the room was chosen by mom. The brand is Pottery Barn.  It includes the bedding, floral rug, lamp, and decals.

I designed the desk and closet space with Ikea pieces.

Chair, shelf and frame for wall art is from Ikea too.  Floral decals were added on the shelf door.

The Wall art is an amazing decorative addition to the room.  It has 4 different decal pieces put together for a coordinated unique look.  Its designed to be used as a peg board for the girls crafts, plus it has a built in calendar.

Chandelier and beds are heirloom pieces that mom was excited to have her girls' enjoy and adorn the room.

The walls were painted in eggplant, the deepest shade of purple available.

For the window panels, I used white semi sheer panels. Sewn on eggplant strips add color and contrast.

Solid shag rug is a local thrift find.

The clients' old black chest was retouched, painted and refinished.





Favorite Items

I love the way the corner furniture came out.  Definitely my favorite.

The wall art is a beautiful DIY piece.  A creative and original look that adds a lot to the space.


As I've mentioned in other projects, don't be afraid to be creative and add your own personal touches.  It is fun to add your unique twist to the space. You will love stepping back and admiring your work that is being loved and enjoyed each and every day.

Don't be afraid to pop older kids' spaces with color. Colorful spaces are way more fun.  You'll create lasting, rich memories for them.