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Pink & Green Sweet Suite


This nursery was made with love for our first child, Madelyn. The space is big and was once our office/guest room. It's actually the second of a two master-bedroom condo so the floor space is massive, but the wall space is interesting. There is only one blank wall (the crib, which is the focal point) as all other walls either have doors, mirrored closets or a bank of windows. The challenge was creating a space that made sense practically, but reflected our personal decor styles.

Design Inspiration

The immediate inspiration idea was shabby chic, but my search for such patterns and goods at the stores I registered was bleak. Because shabby chic was my original starting point, I consider it to be my inspiration, even though the final product was a little louder and more playful than shabby chic. I have never been a big risk taker when it comes to room design, but I held my breath, swallowed hard, and chose to have an accent wall with dark and light pink stripes. It would either look really cool or be reminiscent of a circus. Thankfully, I think it turned out like the former and not the latter.

Decorating Style

Girly sophistication is how I describe my decorating style. It is girly because of the colors, the dolls, the types of books, and presentation of furniture in the room. It is sophisticated, though, because it is a room that is only for a baby because of the crib. Nothing is very baby-ish and any young girl could enjoy the room as well.

Project Details

The crib and dresser/changing table are  by Bonavita. The crib is from the Hudson collection and the dresser/changing table is from the Peyton collection. The bookcase is a reused Ikea piece that was a key piece when the room was an office. The comfy Little Castle upholstered glider chair and ottoman are the Cottage SS model. Bedding (style Brianna), peg shelf, and triplet flower wall decor are all from Pottery Barn Kids. The "Madelyn" name hanging was DIY with letter and papers from Paper Source. The room also has many of my childhood memories scattered throughout like my ballet shoes, a musical teddy bear, and some dolls. I like that a little bit of my life is intertwined in my daughter's space.

Favorite Items

My favorite purchased item is so hard to choose! The Little Castle glider and ottoman are definitely the most-used and much adored! But I also love the Pottery Barn Kids decor like the sheets, peg shelf, and wall paintings. Perhaps my one favorite item of all, though, is the "Madelyn" name hanging I made.


For me, securing my crib bedding decision was the springboard for all other choices I made. Once I knew what my crib bedding would be, it was much easier for me to pick out other accessories, decor items, and practical items. Because of my bedding, I didn't have a theme, but had an overall style. And since I don't have a favorite color with which to decorate, the bedding helped guide me to stay within a particular palette.


Thursday 5th of January 2012

Thanks so much!!! I am so excited to get started on her letters. I'm not going to post the name for fear that my family would see it (I know, I'm nuts). But I've already ordered the letters and wish it wasn't after 9pm so I could go to Michael's!!! I hope mine turn out as good as yours. We chose Behr colors Pink Punch and Fading Rose :) So consider Madelyn's room copied from a mommy-to-be in PA! We're going dark furniture though, but still debating on the white. We do love your crib! Hopefully I'll be able to send you a pic of my letters once they're finished (and once I find the time to do them!) Thank you for all your help!


Wednesday 4th of January 2012


Hi Alison -- you're off to a good start with your name; that's my name too! :)

The letters were super easy! I bought the cardboard letters at Paper Source:

Then I bought various papers from there and also Michael's. I made sure they were normal weights -- no cardboard or textured papers. I bought Modge Podge glue and just went to town cutting pieces of paper and securing them with the glue to the letters. I made sure to wrap the papers around the letters tightly so as to avoid spaces and bubbles. I alternated papers and used a lot of patterns in the same families. That way, the letters weren't all the same, but they still had a running theme or likeness. I let them dry for a couple days to make sure all the tackiness was gone. Then, I cut a ribbon the length I wanted the letters span on the wall over the crib and eyeballed the spacing between the letters on the ribbon. I used Super Glue to glue the backs of the letters to the ribbon. Once that was all dry -- a day to be sure -- I secured the ribbon with the lightweight letters attached to the wall with tumbtacks. With extra pieces of the same ribbon, I tied bows and glued them to the string of ribbon so that they'd hide the thumbtacks.

And that's it!

As for the paint colors for the pink stripes, I alternated between Tea Rose and Baby Blush -- both made by Valspar.

I have more details about the room on my baby blog:

Good luck!! Happy nesting, Alison, and enjoy your baby girl come May!! :)

tour du lich sapa

Monday 2nd of January 2012

gone cute, I like pink


Monday 2nd of January 2012

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how you made the letters for Madelyn's name??!?! And what colors did you use for the stripes? We are using your nursery for inspiration! Due with baby girl May 20, 2012 :)

Florence Amber

Friday 30th of December 2011

The flower artworks hanging on the wall are so beautiful. And I couldn't miss those little wooden furniture pieces you placed here and there, like that teeny colorful wooden rocking chair, that the green wooden side table, that wooden flower chair, and I also see another rocking chair on top of the shelf.