It’s A Mad, Mad Hatter Party!

  • Mad Hatter Party Table
  • Mad Hatter Teacups Centerpiece
  • Mad Hatter Party Table Props
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  • Mad Hatter Teacup Candelabra
  • Colorful Wonderland Blocks
  • Mr. Mushroom Sits Happily Among Moss and Mushrooms
  • Mad Hatter Party Hand-Painted Character Props
  • Alice in Wonderland Hand-Painted Props
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Taking your "Wonderland" event to the next level with this Custom Mad Hatter Party Table and Character Props.  Party table and props are for rent at

Design Inspiration

“I wanted my table to be colorful and whimsical, so I started with a hot pink floor length table cloth and layered it with a multicolored polka dot overlay. For extra interest, I added several layers of runners, ending with a teapot print.

For the decorations, A Mad Hatter Tea Party isn’t a party without teacups. So my centerpiece is made of stacked teacups in bright colors and ribbons. A Mad Hatter White rabbit surrounded by bright flowers tops it off.

I wanted the decor to coordinate and compliment each other so I used a lot of polka dot ribbon through out. The same theme as the overlay.

The polka dot ribbon continues on the bright colored teacups circling the candelabras, which also coordinates with the polka dots on the custom Mad Hatter Hats as well.

Using mostly hot pink, bright yellow, green and orange. I painted teapots, flowers and various decorations to coordinate and continue the theme through out the table.

A whimsical “Mr. Mushroom” sits happily among the moss and mushrooms with a secret hedgehog who lays behind him.

My Custom hand painted character props brings the party together and completes the theme of being in “Wonderland”.”

Decorating Style

Fun, whimsical and detail oriented.

Project Details

All the character props are hand painted by me.  The Mad Hatter Party table decorations were also made by me with the exception of the custom Wonderland Blocks.

Favorite Items

The Mad Hatter Teacup candelabra's are my favorite items on the table.  I wanted them to be fun, whimsical, colorful and unique.


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