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Macauley’s Baby Shower


This shower was planned for one of my best childhood friends for her first baby, Macauley. We used a simple and girlie pink and grey color pallet as our inspiration

Design Inspiration

The theme was chosen by the moms sister, she wanted to carry the safari theme but concentrate more on the patterns than the actual animals. I started with a grey giraffe print for the invite. I accented with pink zebra but throughout the shower I reversed both the patterns and colors. I carried both the circus font and also a script font though the shower.


Decorating Style

Classic and simply done would be the best way to describe this shower... a soft color pallet and clean designs helped keep the party sweet and baby focused

Project Details

All elements were designed by EAE Personalized Creations. Every detial was DYI. The only things purchased were the paper straws and the elephant fondant on top of the cupcake stand.

I made the cupcake stand via pinterest which I really liked how it turned out.

I switched the format of the wish cards and made them a different size which I really liked as well.

The cupcakes and all the sweet treats were made by the mommas sister.


Favorite Items

One of my favorite things was the cupcake tower and the wish cards. Everyone loved the idea and I know that Macauley will one day look at them and enjoy seeing what people "wished" for her before she was even born :)

Jacquiline Bertny

Monday 4th of March 2013

Lovely party. Oh, Macauley is quite a pretty and unique girl's name in my book. The only Macaulay I know is Macaulay Culkin and he's a guy.


Monday 4th of March 2013

Thank you! It is unique, the mom is a school teacher and she said finding a name that doesnt associate her with a past student is hard to do.. do you gotta thing outside of the aiden and maddie box ;) Its very pretty when spoken with a southern accent too ;)