Lyric LaShawn Lacey’s Room

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Lyric's room is pieced together from many different components that have made our lives so meaningful, from her name to the Chicago Bulls picture hanging over her dresser.

Design Inspiration

We really wanted the color scheme to be bright and we worked hard at not following one certain theme in the room


Decorating Style

Piecey :)

Project Details

Crib: WalMart, Dresser/Bookshelves: Handmade, Bedding/Window Valence: Target, Rocker: Shopko, Animal Net: Toys R Us

Favorite Items

Our favorite item is the dresser. It was such an amazing bonding experience for my husband and dad to be able to make it together. My dad is very crafty and my husband is from the city. It was my husband's first time ever making anything and he is so proud of this dresser! I am proud of him and the dresser and we both can't wait for Lyric to be here :)


Start early and slowly put everything together... don't wait until the last minute!



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    Pretty and unique name. And yeah, the dresser’s beautiful, mainly because it’s such a labor of love by the two main men in your life. Hope this has inspired your husband to put his carpentry skills into more practice.

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