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Lumberjack Luke’s 4th Birthday!


Flapjacks and Lumberjacks for Luke's 4th Birthday!

Design Inspiration

I started asking Luke what kind of birthday party he wanted. His first choice was a dump truck party (his 2nd birthday) and his second choice was a firetruck party (his 3rd birthday). He finally told me one day he wanted an "ice man party. Just like the ice guys from Frozen mom." Talk about specific and unique. We were playing Lincoln logs at the time and then it hit me, a lumberjack party! I asked Luke about a "logging party" and he was instantly sold.

Project Details

A friend I had met through Instagram, posted this amazing birch wood wrapping paper she was using for her daughter's party and I asked where she got it from, casually mentioning that I was throwing a lumberjack party. Turns out, she did a lumberjack and jill bridal shower a few years ago and she had tons of decor in her garage. She asked if I wanted to borrow it? Um.... YES!!! The only thing I bought were some burlap table runners I found in a Walmart in Louisiana (random I know) and some amazing wood slice fabric from Ikea.

I immediately thought flapjacks because lumberjacks always eat a hearty breakfast before work and Luke asks for pancakes every Saturday morning without fail. Dad is the expert pancake maker in our house. I thought it would be fun if our guests could make their own pancakes. So we set up a griddle, squeezable containers full of pancake batter, and tons of mix-ins and topping and let our guests do all the work! I think the adults loved it as much as the kiddos.

I sent my friend Ioana some "pinspiration" for the cake but I had no idea she would create something so massively fabulous. It was definitely the highlight of the party. There were two full cakes inside that tree stump - we were eating cake for days after. (But I'm not complaining!) And it wouldn't be a lumberjack party without some s'mores... in the form of mini cupcakes! They were adorable and delicious.

The kid's played a version of pin the tail on the donkey but we called it "axe throwing." They loved it! And the make your own trail mix bar as the party favor was a big hit. I tried to keep the trail mix kid-friendly - cheerios, teddy grahams, and yogurt-covered raisins. I offered peanuts and almonds for the adults.

Favorite Items

I think my favorite part had to be the build your own pancake bar. It gave our guests something to do and I had so much fun seeing what creations everyone kept coming up with!