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LumberJack Logging Camp 1st Birthday Party


When it came time to plan our baby boy's 1st birthday, my husband and I thought of having a small and simple picnic birthday breakfast at our nearby wetlands center. Of course, I had to take it a step further (more like 200 steps further) and throw a theme onto this wonderful picnic idea. Since his nursery design is an "outdoor" theme, I wanted to create a picnic party in keeping with that and set a stage that resembles the space he loves most - His Room!

While browsing and researching "Lumberjacks", I ran into an old vintage photo of real Lumberjacks having breakfast at a "Logging Camp". I thought how perfect would that be to re-create a similar scene! So my handy dandy husband made a beautiful toddler harvest table out of old pallet wood we had laying around, stained and sealed it and before you know it our "Logging Camp" breakfast was born!

The Food Buffet consisted of yummy breakfast items and a few treats for the kiddos. We had breakfast Sausage "TIMBER LOGS", fresh mixed berries "BERRY PICKING", mini pancakes with maple syrup "FLAP JACKS" w/ "TREE SAP" & Graduates lil crunchies "CAMPFIRE FLAMES". We washed everything down with either apple juice "RIVER WATER" or chocolate milk "MUDDY PUDDLE". In keeping with our outdoor Logging/Lumberjack theme, I called upon Marcia from the amazing custom cookie shop here in town, Yaya's Sweets & Treats to create these adorable cookies that represented The Great Outdoors!  These were so beautifully done, I was hesitant to let anyone touch them, much less eat them.

The Cake I made the night before. I found cakes that look like tree stumps on Pinterest and thought what an awesome touch that would be to our party in the woods. So I melted caramel candies to ice the top of the cake and melted then refrigerated chocolate melts, broke them apart and used them as the outer shell of the cake to resemble bark. I used a toy moose and trees I found at Michaels as toppers.

I found a few clipart images online, printed them out and glued them to wooden dowels to create last minute photo booth props. Even though we didn't necessarily have a "Photo Booth", we had fun posing with the different silhouettes.

His birthday gift from my husband and I was the adorable felt campfire set from the wonderful Shop, Three Wee Monkeys on Etsy.

We had such a wonderful morning celebrating our baby boy! Its moments like this that just make me want to hold my family even tighter, as I feel so blessed to be apart of this little tribe and look forward to more memorable moments ahead!

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  1. avatar Raquel says:

    Adorable! And his fur hat?

  2. avatar Melissa says:

    Hi Brandy!

    I found his buffalo plaid onesie at OshKosh B’Gosh, His Pants & Beanie are Carhartt from Amazon, His suspenders are from etsy store, Melody of Cuteness : His Boots are from a second hand shop. They are Baby Gap Snow Boots – you could find them on Ebay maybe ;)

  3. avatar Melissa says:

    Hi Kelly, I found them at second hand shop!

  4. avatar Brandy says:

    I love his little outfit, would you mind naming where you got the pieces for his outfit?

  5. avatar Kelly says:

    Where did you find those adorable shoes he’s wearing?

  6. avatar Melissa H says:

    Hi Telia!

    The ax is from an adorable Etsy shop, “Button & Stitch”: here is the link

  7. avatar Telia says:

    Where did you find the plush ax?

  8. avatar Melissa says:

    Thank you so much Sandra! I truly appreciate your kind words. And you are so right. We’ve used almost every single piece of decor from this party in our everyday life! The skillets, the table and the stumps (in the backyard of course :)) Thank you so much again! :)

  9. avatar Sandra says:

    This Lumberjack outdoor theme is so authentic it shows so much imagination in what’s available when you want save by using items that you probably already have and could even use after the party. It’s perfect for any little tyke that’s curious and doesn’t won’t to be bored with just balloons and cake. Great use of natural supplies. Love it