Lucy’s Room

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modern shabby chic


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    Hi thorn3, I think the fourth one is a penguin :)  But yeah, those are cute!

    I think I’m going to go this shade of green for my kids’ room… I love the LSJ monogram you have there.

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    I think green and black really complements.  

    Design-wise, I love how you made use of the space and how overall it has an adult feels, but it also has those tiny add ons that makes it fit for a child.  Those spattering of pink also helped.

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    This room is totally my style! I am a total sucker for wooden furniture pieces in dark and luxurious finish. And I love green, too, especially in this shade. It’s cool and refreshing. Very comforting, relaxing and easy on the eyes, too. I’m just not sure about those framed pictures of the muppets or stuffed toys or whatever those are. I’d prefer actual mommy/baby and daddy/baby photos. But I guess it’s just me.

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    Thanks for all the sweet comments. I didn’t realize I had a question from someone. Sorry for such a late response. The bedding is by Serena and Lily!

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    I love the green with the black & white!  If you happen to check back, what paint color did yiu use?

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