Modern Neverland Adventure Theme

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My inspiration for this project came from my love of the movie Peter Pan, but even more specifically, the Lost Boys and Tiger Lilly.  I also love the (very popular) adventure theme with the arrow decor, but I wanted to find a way to combine all of these styles in a harmonious and unique way without overdoing it.  My husband and I decided to wait to find out tthe sex of our baby until his or her arrival so the neutrality component was a huge hurdle.  I really wanted to use color, texture, and prints to appeal to my little munchkins senses so I chose to go with a bold neutral approach instead of a greyscale neutral approach.  My best advice is not to put yourself in a corner with typical  gender neutral decor (yellow/green/grey). Black and white pair really nicely with colors like yellow, orange, and turquoise and can be used to create a really unique nursery! :)

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