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Logan’s Woodland Creature Nursery


Hedgehogs, owls and raccoons - OH MY! Woodland creatures playfully hide throughout this modern nursery. Vanessa (mom of Logan) is the author of See Vanessa Craft blog.

Design Inspiration

I remember my grandfather once telling me that it is our responsibility to care for the animals in nature. For some reason that always stuck with me. Of course, my mom didn't appreciate me feeding the ants in our backyard sugar water when I was little because it was my responsibility to care for them! A love for nature was ingrained in me from very early on, something I want to pass along to my child - so a woodland creature themed nursery it was!
When we moved into our new home almost 2 years ago, we designated one of the rooms as the nursery. Little did we know that it would take us over 2 years to conceive. We shut the door to our future nursery and it painfully stayed that way as we tried for a little person to go in it. It was unspoken but I think we both felt that it would jinx something if we went in that room. One of the first things that I did when we got the amazing news that I was pregnant was to finally open that door. There were many times that I would just sit on the floor in the middle of the room and think - soon I would be a mommy! And let me tell you, I think I've officially earned that title after being peed on, pooed on and spit up on in the past few months!
In designing this room, I wanted a space that would grow with my little guy and could easily transition to a big boy room. I wanted a modern design that was still bright, relaxing and kid friendly. After many indecisive choices (and driving Mr. Crafty Nest crazy), I absolutely love how it turned out. It has become my favorite room in our home, definitely worth the wait to start decorating!

Photos by Green Apple Images

Decorating Style

Modern with a love for nature.

Project Details

The Furniture
The minute we found out the gender, we headed to the baby store and picked out our furniture. It was nice and I was happy with it until I saw this. It was love at first sight. I still had time to cancel my first order without any fees so I canceled and purchased the new furniture set by AP Industries (I found the crib on major sale at Albee Baby and the dresser/nightstand on sale at a local furniture store. Yup, I'm a bargain shopper). Of course, Logan hasn't slept a wink in this gorgeous crib but at least it converts to a big boy bed so I don't feel too bad.

The Bedding
Even though I was doing a woodland theme, I still wanted a modern vibe to the room. I found the Skip Hop Mod Dot set and decided to decorate the room around these primary colors. I switched out the yellowish sheet that it came with for a solid red sheet to tie in all of the other red accents (lamp, changing pad, etc.) in the room and to give it that extra "pop".

The Walls
After many hours of staring at those tiny paint swatches and changing my mind a few times, we decided on Serwin-William's Gray Matters as our primary color and Watery (a light bluish color) for an accent wall (all no-VOC). I love how calming the paint colors are. The birch tree decals behind the crib are from OrqueShaw's Wall Decals. Everyone that sees them in person asks if I painted them on. Nope, just stuck them up on the wall.

The Chair
I was on a mission to find a modernish chair that was still comfy and didn't cost a ton. Not an easy task but I finally found my upholstered rocking chair at The best part is that it comes with regular legs to convert to a regular chair. Stewart The Owl and Kyle The Raccoon from Etsy seller Cuore typically hang out on the chair.
The Art
The woodland alphabet and counting prints are from the fabulous etsy seller Ink Tree Press. These prints made the room feel like a nursery - love them! I found the awesome wooden frames at Michaels and the metal "L" at Anthropologie.

The Curtains & Rug
The curtains are from Bed Bath & Beyond - they are a really light hemp material. The green shag grass-like rug is from Pier One Imports (along with the hamper). I love how both the curtains and rug add an extra nature element to the room.

The Bookshelves & Little Details
The shelves and picture ledges are from West Elm, filled with my favorite childhood books. The fabulous hedgehog clock is from Etsy seller Decoylab. The "Home" sign is from Etsy seller Oh Dier. I picked "home" because this is what Mr. Crafty Nest and I call each other. It started during a 2 year long distance relationship - wherever he was, was my home and wherever I was, was his home. We later danced to the song "Feels Like Home" at our wedding. Cheesy, I know but I wanted to make sure Logan always knows that he is part of our "home" - no matter where he goes in life. The woodland name sign and woodland flashcards are from Etsy seller Ink Tree Press. The squirrel bookends are from Cocoon Couture.

Favorite Items

The terrarium is probably my favorite little detail in the room. I made Logan his very own Terrarium, complete with tiny little mushrooms and a mama/baby hedgehog pair from Etsy seller Doodle Bird. By the way, moss is perfect for a non-green thumb person like myself.


Come up with an idea board first - search your favorite shops for inspiration pieces ang go from there.  Etsy is also a fabulous place to find unique items.


Monday 22nd of October 2012

great room! Thanks for using our wall decals:

Vanessa @ The Crafty Nest

Sunday 4th of September 2011

So sorry, I just saw these comments. Thanks so much for your compliments, I had so much fun working on my little guy's room.

@Gretta - I used Serwin-William's Gray Matters as our primary color and Watery for the accent wall (all no-VOC).

@Erin - I purchased it online from Target but it looks like they are no longer selling it. Good luck searching for a chair, I had a difficult time too!


Sunday 28th of August 2011

This room is so adorable!!! I like the look of your rocking chair. Can you tell me where you purchased it? And, if you would recommend it? We are having our first boy, and are having a hard time finding a good chair for the room. Thanks!

Gretta Angle Handley

Thursday 30th of December 2010

this room is gorgeous!  can you share the 2 different colors of paint you used on the walls?



Thursday 25th of November 2010

MY favorite here is also the terrarium and those flashcards hung by clothespin :)  It's really nice seeing your work here on Project Nursery as I am also an avid reader of your blog, Vanessa, and have been trying hard to win your various giveaways :)  and I love your Jewelry designs!