Llama Love for Mckenzie’s Blush, Blue and Bold Nursery

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Welcome to Mckenzie Lynn's nursery! It's my absolute favorite room in our apartment. As soon as my husband and I I found that we were expecting a baby girl I could not wait to start building my vision board for design and color inspiration. The only design element I was certain on was creating an accent wall behind the crib as I wanted it to be the focal point in the nursery.

It was previously our guest room so it was definitely a fun design challenge. I started with the accent wall since that would help influence the rest of the room. After ordering a few different peel and stick adhesive samples, I was leaning toward a peony design (I was never a big floral person!). I was torn between using individual flower decals or a full mural wall but decided to go bold. The initial peony pattern I ordered was blush, white and green but I didn't want the room to be overpowered by pink. I was looking for something more vibrant that would stand out while complimenting a neutral color palette with blushes, greys, whites, and gold. After more searching I came across the same peony pattern in an indigo blue and loved the contrast! I was a little hesitant at first but once it was installed I knew I made the right choice. Mckenzie loves starring at her peony wall and I couldn't be happier with the turnout!

One thing that helped me throughout the whole design process was following interior designers and accounts like Project Nursery for inspiration. Once I came across items I loved, such as the wooden ball mirror and llama planter, I printed them out and arranged the photos on my wall. I essentially turned my nursery wall into a physical Pinterest vision board up until we needed to paint the room! It was an easy way for me to move items around or swap out ideas as I came across new favorites. I tried using an online room planner but preferred seeing the items in my room . :)

Thanks for reading!

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