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A Little Train Birthday Party


My son loves trains, I mean walking around all day going “trains and cars are good” kinda love. So of course I ran with it for this little train birthday party. I made some Vegan chocolate cake with fondant trains. Rice Krispie treat pops and cookies, cake pops and chocolate covered pretzels. Super easy PB&J's in the shape of trains and little train cars that I made out of boxes carried fruits and veggies. We did a cookie decorating station so the kids didn't get bored and it was a huge hit. Little details were my focus on this rather simple party. Happy 2nd Birthday Milo!

Design Inspiration

I decided on a blue and orange color scheme and designed an invitation around that idea. All other decor ideas were pulled from the invitation.

Project Details

I did the baking/food, decor and printable designs on my own. I'm a DIY nut case. If your in the Brooklyn area and need some party goodies feel free to contact me!



Find a color scheme first and go from there. It narrows your focus and really streamlines your choices. There is always a way to incorporate any theme into the colors you choose. Not every Mickey Mouse party has to be red and white. Why not do something wacky, it could turn out even better. Besides, normal can be boring!