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Little Red Car Birthday Party


I wanted to create a very simple car theme party for Luca with the idea of the movie 'Cars' but not using that exact theme.  Making the car red added a nice pop of color against the shades of white, gray and black.  I kept thinking about Route 66 and came up with adding his age inside the route sign.  Then it was fun to think of names to coordinate with all the desserts and drinks.  Such as 'Fastlane Fruit Punch' and ' Vroom Vroom Vanilla Cupcakes'. 

Decorating Style

I really like clean lines and pops of color but to not go overboard.  I think you can say a lot with just a little.

Project Details

I designed all the printables for this party.

The cookies came from A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe in Vermont.  I emailed the invitation and they custom designed the cookies.  They had great customer service and very pleasant to work with.

I purchased three wooden cars and spray painted them bright red.  I took some gray fabric and sewed on white lines to create a street table runner and placed the cards on top of the fabric street. 

My sister-in-law created the cake.  We keep wondering why she hasn't started her own business!



Once you are settled on a theme, look around your house for things to use for the party before you start shopping.  I used a wooden box and spray painted it gray to use as a pedestal for a candy jar.  Spray paint is a great way to repurpose something on the cheap.  You might have an old picture frame in the wrong color,  but paint it with the color used in your party and it will look like you had a custom made item for the event.

I also like buying plain fabric to use as table runners or back drops.  You can find plain cotton fabric and look for it on sale, buy about 1.5 yards and use it as a quick backdrop or cover over a white tablecloth to add instant color to the table.  By using a plain as opposed to a patterned fabric, you allow yourself to have more than one use for it. 

Little Red Car Birthday Party - Modernes

Wednesday 4th of September 2019

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J Malandrino

Sunday 29th of April 2012

Love the decor. So cute :)


Monday 23rd of April 2012

I like the simplicity and the red/white color scheme. I think it's a great party theme and party colors for a little boy.