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Little Monster 1st Birthday Party


We had a monster themed 1st birthday party for our little monster Tripp. Full of bright colors, fun printables, and lots of arts and crafts for the kiddos!!

Design Inspiration

Most of the party decor was inspired by invitations and printables I ordered from shelleyspaperstudio on Etsy! She had adorable monsters that I duplicated and used throughout the party design!

Decorating Style


Project Details

Invitations, food cards, tshirt graphic - shelleyspaperstudio on Etsy. Cake - Blue Cake Company (Little Rock, AR) I bought foamboard insulation from a local hardware store for $8 for an 8x4 ft sheet...I was able to make 4 ft tall monsters placed throughout the party, as well as a fun photo prop!!

Favorite Items

"Adopt a Monster" favors!! I made stuffed felt monsters, along with "adoption certificates" for the kids to fill out with their newly adopted friends!

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  1. avatar Vaeda Smith says:

    Hello! I made the pin the eye on the monster, including the eyeballs. I was wondering what you used to stick the eyes on the board. Was it tape, or taks?

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  5. avatar Amy says:

    I’ve recently opened an Etsy shop with a few party printables and decor!

  6. avatar Caitlin says:

    Can I ask how you did the plate? I love it

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  8. avatar Elianne says:

    How much are you selling the pin the eye on the monster file? And how many inches was ther insulation board in thickness?

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  10. avatar amygriffin says:

    I do still have the Pin the Eye on the Monster file if anyone would like to buy it. My email address is

  11. avatar Patti says:

    Could you share your publisher file for Pin the Eye on the Monster? I’m not very good at designing my own stuff!

  12. avatar shawanda huff gaye says:

    hello! did you save the file for the pin the eye on the monster!? Are you selling it?

  13. avatar Shannon says:

    I am also wondering if you would sell your pin the eye on the monster file.
    Thanks! It is so cute!

  14. avatar diana says:

    Hi!! Are you willing to sell your pin the monster?

  15. avatar Jill says:

    Love this Idea! Can you tell me where you got the cupcake wraps?

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  17. avatar Noahsmama says:

    Also where did you purchase those frames were you placed the invite in

  18. avatar Noahsmama says:

    would you be willing to sell your image for the pin the eye on the monster? If so i’m interested =)

  19. avatar Dalesia Almendarez says:

    The month by month banner is just precious! How did you make it?

  20. avatar amygriffin says:

    I used special ceramic paint from the same place I bought the platter. After it was painted, I took it back to her and she glazed/fired it!

  21. avatar amygriffin says:

    I made the “pin the eye on the monster” in Microsoft Publisher and just printed at as a poster (I saved the file as a photo). The big monsters and photo prop I made from insulation foam board – I found an 8×4 ft sheet at a local hardware store for less than $10!! It was so easy to paint and cut out with a box cutter! :)

  22. avatar amygriffin says:

    Thanks!! I bought the ceramic platter from a local paint-your-own pottery shop. She gave me some special paint to use and just went from there! I painted the monster and “balloon strings” after everyone did their thumbprint.

  23. avatar amygriffin says:

    Thanks! I actually made both the burlap monster and favor bags! :)

  24. avatar amygriffin says:

    I did make the play doh (Pinterest is an awesome resource for recipes!). I just created the labels in Microsoft Publisher and printed them from home on sticker paper!

  25. avatar Shavanah Whittaker says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of paint you used for the thumbprint platter. Did you use paint to make the strings?

  26. avatar KateM says:

    How did you make the “pin the eye on the monster” and the monster photo board ??

  27. avatar Kelly says:

    LOVING the thumbprint tree.. how exactly did you set that up?? That is just such a wonderful idea to capture everyone that came to the party!!

  28. avatar Adartse says:

    For the mold a monster did u make the play doh? And the labels on the water bottles how did you make them? Thank you in advance

  29. avatar Adartse says:

    Hello I also want to know about this. Thank you for sharing your ideas I absolutely love everything

  30. avatar Breanna Ingram says:

    Where did you get the burlap monster and the goodie bags!!! you did such a wonderful good!!!!!! so cute!

  31. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    Wow, not bad sewing job for a first timer! You really did an awesome job with this!

  32. avatar amygriffin says:

    Yes ma’am! It’s a lot easier than it looks…which, luckily with monsters, they didn’t have to be perfect!! But trust me…there was more than enough hot glue used! :)

  33. avatar misspatty says:

    really??? your first time using a sewing machine? that’s amazing! so i guess it’s not yet too late for me to learn how to use it, huh?