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Little Man World Traveler


This room was designed for an expected little boy. The DIY down low as well as specifics on what goodies came from where will soon be available at...

Design Inspiration

A globe and future world travels shaped this room. From colors of the globe to unique travel design, its perfect for the eclectic little man.

Decorating Style


Project Details

A Graco Crib with JoJo Designs bedding, surrounded by DIY Made with Love projects from hand me down treasures and antique store finds.

Favorite Items

The favorite item in this nursery is the Bright blue and black changing table. It was saved from a bathroom remodel and the quirky colors offset the beautiful workmanship of the top counter perfectly.

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  1. avatar polly says:

    Did you post instructions on exactly how you made the suitcase table?( the legs)

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  3. avatar Kim F says:

    Where did you get the plane decal?

  4. avatar Florence Amber says:

    Another chevron room :) Love the details, like the mustache drawer pulls, the bicycle hanger, and the luggage night table.