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Little Man Chic Nursery


A chic nursery I designed for my son. I wanted the room to be filled with chic decor that marry DIY elements and eco-friendly functionality.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by turning "something old into something new". Most of the furnishings were items we already had or were handed down to us. With a little VOC-free paint and effort, we were able to upcycle old pieces into new furniture.

Decorating Style

I like clean and simple decor.

Project Details

The crib, bed, and dresser were old items we sanded down and repainted using Sherwin Williams Paint. Miscellaneous bedding were from TJ Maxx and Babies R Us. 9 part bookcase was from Target.

Favorite Items

The crib is my favorite item. It was my husbands god-daughter's crib that was passed on to my other two nephews and now my son. It's come to be a family heirloom.


Don't stress over it. Design and inspiration are meant to come when they're ready.