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Little Lucy’s Whimsy Room


I have never worked so hard on a room! I spent hours searching online and in stores for all the perfect accents for my little Lucy's room

Design Inspiration

The inspiration came from the cherry blossom tree... everything followed that!

Decorating Style

Whimsy, soothing

Favorite Items

My favorite items are the Jenny Lind crib, the rocker and handmade quilt and the tree

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  1. avatar Rachael Johnson says:

    Its me again, still hoping to get the brand and name of the blue on the walls, also what turbans of the fabric line is called. Thanks.

  2. avatar Karen says:

    Love the cherry tree on the wall, but couldn’t find anything similar online. Did you do this yourself, or can you point me to where I might purchase it?


  3. avatar Alicia Beldengreen says:

    Hi Jackie- where did you get the crib sheet? so pretty. Thanks

  4. avatar Rachael Johsnon says:

    oops, forgot to mark, “email me with responses” so re-posting: What wall color and brand is the blue? Thank you.

  5. avatar Rachael Johsnon says:

    Love many things here- What brand and name is the paint on the walls? Also-Lucy is a favorite name (our baby Grace was to be a Lucy all along, and then when she was born we changed it to Grace- I jsut cannot get over loving Lucy, though).

  6. avatar Yasmin says:

    Hi Jackie! Thanks for the info. Our color scheme is very similar :). My husband’s aunt also made a quilt er for our daughter. She is 13 months old and embarrassingly enough, I am still putting finishing touches in hoom. I’ll post photos as soon as the room becomes “presentable”. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

  7. avatar Jackie says:


    Target! It’s super comfy and not too expensive either :)

  8. avatar Yasmin says:

    Hi! Where did you find the chair? Love the color and the white piping.

  9. avatar Dandelion says:

    I really adore the wall decal and I like how the cherry blossoms match the colors of LUCY’s name.

  10. avatar avalon says:

    Little Lucy’s room is very girly and has lots of whimsies. I like those framed photos on the wall.

  11. avatar ruby2908 says:

    love this room! so feminine and airy. all your little details really pull it together. beautiful!

  12. avatar 12andcounting says:

    Your room’s pretty and sweet. And the bedding’s so soft and feminine. And oh, that bird rug is just so so lovely.