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Little Leo’s Nursery fit for a King


Nursery fit for a king!

Design Inspiration

We wanted to create a serene environment for our little man.

Decorating Style

Not sure, I would have to say transitional.

Favorite Items

Stuffed Lion and crown chandelier

Find a similar stuffed lion here


Mix and match items. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, buy something similar and DIY!!!

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  1. avatar Katie says:

    Hi there. Is this the ash gray color for the furniture?

  2. avatar summer horton says:

    Here is a link to the furniture.

  3. avatar Chessney says:

    Is there a link to bedroom furniture?

  4. avatar Ashley says:

    Ok, so i went to sherwin Williams this past weekend and “Time capsule” is a colorWheel brand that Sherwin Williamson uses, so most places get confused when you say it so there’s. Just a FYI. However, I was disappointed in how different the paint was in color on my walls. So I went back because I liked the way the paint looked in the third picture where it was a little darker. We got “Interesting Aqua” and loved it!

  5. avatar Lauren says:

    I would like to know where the first we had each other canvas is from.

  6. avatar Jenelle says:

    Chandelier: Shades of Light
    Wall Art: DIY items: HomeGoods
    Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids
    Crib: Baby Cache

  7. avatar Lauren says:

    This site should require people who submit rooms to list where each item in photo was purchased. The description provided by poster offers zero information. What good does a photo do if you do not know where anything was purchased??

  8. avatar Jonathan says:

    Has any one found where to get bedding

  9. avatar Jonathan says:

    Has any one found them bedding

  10. avatar Conor Marshall says:

    Where is the baby bedding from?

  11. avatar renee says:


  12. avatar renee says:

    hi , i know you mentioned the crib is from baby cache but i haven’t seen that coolr. what is the name of it ???

  13. avatar Amy says:

    Hi – where is the lion stuffed animal from? I can only find a similar one at Toys R Us.

  14. avatar Meghan says:

    Where is the sign from? I love it!

  15. avatar Shirley says:

    where is the crib from?

  16. avatar Keshlynn says:

    Where is the bedding from?

  17. avatar Sydne says:

    Did you paint the crib and changing table as well?

  18. avatar AR says:

    Hi Vanessa — can you tell me where you purchased the sign above the crib?? Thanks!

  19. avatar Rebecca says:

    I looked for the paint, and the color is from a line of paint called frazee BY sherwin williams.

  20. avatar Rebecca says:

    Nursery Furniture is called Baby Cache Vienna in Ash Gray

  21. avatar Casey says:

    Obsessed with this nursery! Where is the lion from? Also, what store did you find the window panels?

  22. avatar Kenzie says:

    Hey. I was wondering where the furniture came from.

  23. avatar Summer says:

    I went to my local Sherwin Williams to find this color and according to him Time Capsule is actually not their color. Sherwin Williams bought out Color Wheel several years ago and it is actually their color. He said he could make it for me since they have the formula for it but he pointed me towards a Sherwin Williams color that he says almost has an identical formula to Time Capsule. We went with Sherwin Williams ‘North Star’. He says they are almost the exact same but that Time Capsule will pull more green/gold whereas North Star will pull more gray. I love the color and it really looks very very similar to this room color. If you want Time Capsule I would recommend telling the Sherwin Williams person that it is from Color Wheel since that may be the lookup issue!

  24. avatar Laura says:

    I can’t find the paint color at Sherwin Williams. Anyone else have luck?

  25. avatar Dana says:

    Where did the sign that’s over the bed come from. Etsy?

  26. avatar Sade says:

    Hi! I purchased a sample of the Time Capsule and painted a few patches on the nursery walls. Would you say the color is more sage grey or blue grey once all 4 walls a completed? It’d hard to tell.

  27. avatar Ashley says:

    Can you give specific name and colour of furniture/crib?

  28. avatar Tom says:

    Thanks Blair!

  29. avatar Blair says:

    Tom- I have the exact light fixture for my baby’s nursery. It’s from just search crown and it will come up. It’s a antique gold/bronze color. We absolutely love it

  30. avatar Tom says:

    Hello, so I found the light but it looks like it only comes in the color gold, is yours silver or gold!? With the light on it looks silver but with it off I can see it could be gold? Thanks!!!

  31. avatar Tom says:

    Where exactly on shades of lights did you find the ceiling light?? Love it! I looked and couldn’t find it on the link! Maybe you know the name of the fixture??? Thanks so much!

  32. avatar Ashleigh says:

    Where did the furniture come from? I love the crib and dresser!

  33. avatar Blair says:

    Where did you find the wooden sign?

  34. avatar Juli says:

    I also tried to look for this color at Sherwin- Williams and it did not come up. We really love this color room.

  35. avatar Mariza says:

    Love love love this theme!
    Where.did you get the little crown on the shelf?
    And can you show more detail of the paintings on the wall?
    Thank you!

  36. avatar Jessica says:

    This is the exact nursery furniture and bedding I have registered for! I am dying to find the paint color I see you have it listed as time capsule by Sherwin Williams but I cannot find it anywhere. I’ve called the local Sherwin Williams stores and they say it’s not a name of a color in their line at all. Hoping maybe you can help?

  37. avatar Amanda says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    We love the room! We are also considering naming our little guy Leo so this was very eye catching !! The color for that furniture online is the Ash Gray – it looks more gray than it does in your furniture. The photo you have almost looks like brown tints. Did you choose the Ash Gray?

  38. avatar Vanessa Urbandt says:

    Hey Jessi! It’s called Time Capsule its made by Sherwin-Williams. I was only able to find it at an actual Sherwin-Williams, home depot and lowes does not carry it.

  39. avatar Jessi says:

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knew the paint color? I love it but haven’t been able to find anything close.