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{Little} Girl’s Room


We wanted to do a nursery/toddler room for our daughter. Her room is the smallest in the house with lots of windows and doors. We had to get creative with furniture placement and artwork to make the most of her little space.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by my oldest daughter Averie, who passed away last Nov, I had started to gather things for her room, but decided instead to incorporate them into Ellery's room. I love gray, black, pink and white together . When I found the paint color I was a tad intimidated, but just knew it would work in Ellery's light filled room.

Decorating Style

Thrifty and chic! I love to find pieces to redo and make fit our house. I don't have a large budget to work with, but I don't want people to know that right off the bat.

Project Details

Since my budget was small I did A LOT of yard saling for the space. In fact the whole room only cost $65. $45 of that was for wall and trim paint. We were given Ellery's crib as a gift so I am not sure I know the brand, but it was about $150 from Walmart. The chandelier was in our dining room when we bought our house, but it was really too small and girly for that space. It was an easy decision to move it into Ellery's room. The only other furniture piece in her room is a rocking chair and stool. The rocking chair was a gift from grandpa and the stool was a $2 yard sale find. I used a chalk paint recipe to give them new life and recovered the stool with a left over scrap of fabric from Elle's birthday decorations. In fact much of the art in her room were birthday decor projects I had made for her first birthday. The "one" sign, the letter E, the Ikea frame with her name in it and the bunting over her wall shelf were all birthday decor. I found to very similar wall shelves to use for books and mounted them at her height for easy reaching. I also hung a yard sale mirror at her height as well. All it needed was a coat of paint to freshen it up. I also hand painted the Faith and Trust sign and the Beautiful sign.

Here is my cost break down for the room.

1 Gallon Paint- $25

1 can High Gloss Gel trim paint - $20

Crib- {baby shower gift}

Rocking Chair - {gift}

Footstool- $2

Ikea rug- {already had}

Chandelier {free}

Large shelf- {free}

Black & White plates- $1

Set of 3 mirrors- $1

Silver mirror- $2

Book ledges- $1.50 + brackets $2

Black mirror- $2

Reclaimed wood signs- {free} + a little craft paint I had on hand.

Glass knob coat rack- {free}

1 can pink spray paint- $4.50

1 can black spray paint- $4.50


Project Total:


You can see more of the room and other projects at

Favorite Items

One of my favorite items in the room are the vintage poodles with rhinestone collars. I found them in my Great Grandma's shed. They were in a ratty old box mixed in with old tools. They were pretty nasty looking, but once cleaned up I realized they were in prefect shape. I am so happy that they are properly displayed now!


Don't be afraid of spray paint. I had several gaudy gold frames that now look absolutely adorable painted pink. I also decided not to include a dresser or other big furniture in her room because there just wasn't a lot of room. Instead I have a very well organized closet that holds all her clothes and extra toys. I think sometimes we think we NEED more than we really do to make a room work. If I had tried to put too much in her little room it would have felt cramped and crowed.


Sunday 30th of September 2012

Those little shelves with the white poodle figurines are really cute. I also like what you did to the wall with those frames and other lovelies.

Erica Smith

Tuesday 25th of September 2012

Love this! I love the colors and how much care and thought went into the items. I really like the mirror and how you put it at a useful height for your little one and yet it still looks nice on the wall, this is something I'm wrestling with as I plan my little boy's nursery. Congrats on your baby girl!