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Little Boy Blue Nursery


This room was completely inspired by the bedding.  I found it first while doing some online browsing, and fell in love with it.  So I built out the rest of the room to coordinate with it.  I've always loved clean, classic design- not too modern, not too traditional. I had so much fun decorating this nursery, I'm dying to decorate another!  Too bad I don't have an endless supply of children or money!  :)

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  1. avatar Jennifer says:

    Hi Z, I used 8×10 prints and 11×14 frames from Hobby Lobby

  2. avatar Z says:

    Hi Jeniffer,
    The baby room is such an inspiration! Can you telll me what frame size you have used for the 4 pictures above the dresser? And what size the picture is?
    Thank you ,

  3. avatar Kristina says:

    You are so sweet, Jennifer! Thank you for your response. If only I could find the discontinued bedding😩 Please let me know if you’ve found anything similar! Thank you!

  4. avatar Jennifer says:

    Kristy, I can’t find the exact glider on their site anymore. It’s been 4 years, so they probably don’t carry it anymore. But this one is almost exactly the same… Don’t forget to use a 20% off coupon to save $100!

  5. avatar Kristy says:

    This room is the inspiration for my boy’s nursery! Can you please link the glider? I didn’t see that exact one on Buy Buy Baby. When I click the link, it leads me to a search page. I would appreciate it tremendously!
    Thank you! Kristy

  6. avatar Vanessa says:

    Hi Jennifer, what color did you use for the letters?

  7. avatar Jennifer says:

    Audrey & Beth, It’s Manhattan Mist by Behr

  8. avatar Jennifer says:

    Lisa, It’s 36″ wide, by 26.75′ tall. I found it in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby and spray painted it white.

  9. avatar Beth says:

    Hello, what color is the paint on the walls?

  10. avatar Jennifer says:

    Do you happen to know who makes the chair and ottoman? Thanks!

  11. avatar Audrey says:

    Hi! Love the room! Do you remember the color and brand used on the walls?

  12. avatar Lisa says:

    what size is the large white frame that you have his initials in?

  13. avatar Jennifer says:

    Angie, just measured it. It’s 36″ wide, by 26.75′ tall. I found it in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby and spray painted it white.

  14. avatar Angie says:

    Hey there Jennifer! Can you tell me what size the white frame is around the initials over the crib??


  15. avatar Angie says:

    No worries Jennifer!!! Thanks for the letter info!! Thank you so much and CONGRATS!!!

    Angie :)

  16. avatar Jennifer says:

    Laura, it doesn’t look like Home Depot carries the lamp anymore, but try searching for “colbalt lamp” or “colbalt glass lamp” in Google Shopping. There are other similar options out there!

  17. avatar Jennifer says:

    Angie, regarding buying the bedding from me – I wish I could, but we have our 2nd boy coming this summer, so we will probably be using it for another 3 years! Sorry!

  18. avatar Jennifer says:

    For those asking about the letters, this is what I ordered:
    For the large J in the center,
    MDF Wooden Letters
    Font:: Times New Roman Bold
    Height:: 16 inches
    Thickness:: 3/4 inch

    For the B and the smaller J:
    Font:: Times New Roman Bold
    Height:: 10 inches
    Thickness:: 3/8 inch

    Then I painted them with craft paint!

  19. avatar Angie says:

    Can you please tell me the size letters and the FONT you choose for the letters above the crib please?? Trying to order and do my nursery and I have no clue what size…

  20. avatar Alisa says:

    What sizes are the wooden letters you used?

  21. avatar Angie Polk says:

    Can you please tell me the size of the letters above the crib and also the size of the white frame around it? Thanks!!


  22. This room is gorgeous!!! :)

  23. avatar Laura says:

    Hi there! Any chance you can post a link to the lamp? I adore it but can’t seem to track it down. Thank you!

  24. avatar Angie says:

    I contacted New Arrivals about the crib bedding and the crib sheet, which is my favorite, has been discontinued! :( let me know if you are interested in selling yours if your son is no longer in a crib!! Lol

    Thanks so much!

  25. avatar Jennifer says:

    Links to where I bought everything are above under “Sources”, but here is the list again…

    Personalized Pillow: Chartreuse Canary on Etsy
    Rug: The Land of Nod
    Ceramic Elephants: by Urban Trends on
    Blackout Curtains: Harper Panel by Pottery Barn Kids
    All Bedding (including changing pad cover and blanket on chair): Full Moon by New Arrivals Inc
    Blue Glass Lamp: Home Depot
    Crib/Dresser/Glider/Ottoman: Buy Buy Baby
    Wooden wall letters: Unpainted letters by Craft Cuts
    Wall Prints: by babyartprints on Etsy
    Paint Color: Manhattan Mist by Behr

  26. avatar Tiffany says:

    This is so lovely. Can you please share where the changing pad cover is from?

  27. avatar Angie says:

    Where did you get that bedding?! I need that!! Haha

  28. avatar Jennifer says:

    The prints were purchased from She has thousands of options, but you can customize them by messaging her. I picked out the exact colors, phrases, and animals I wanted.

  29. avatar Colleen says:

    Where can I buy the pictures above the changing table?

  30. avatar Jan Hale says:

    Just perfect! Love the colors and the rug really makes it and pulls all the colors together.