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Lillian’s Nursery


Neutral with pops of color.

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  1. avatar Lara says:

    What color on the walls??

  2. avatar naomi says:

    It’s like a beautiful white cloud, ethereal and beautiful.

  3. avatar Heidi S says:

    Where did you find all the great artwork on the wall? Did you make it yourself? I love the punches of aqua & pink on the white wall!

  4. avatar KSole says:

    Would love to know where you purchased the pink ottoman. Love it!

  5. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    My first thought is that it’s heavenly, because of all the whites. And I love that you accented it with pops of pink here and there.

  6. avatar Julie Adams says:

    Love the “love” canvas print on the wall…where did you find that? Beautiful room!

  7. where did you get the end table and the book case?

  8. avatar Trevor Price says:

    Fantastic room and I love the window coverings that have been used. So subtle yet they add so much!

  9. avatar LH2012 says:

    Beautiful Room!! What color is the moroccan ottoman. Dark Pink, Fuschia or Pink? That is the Moroccan Pouf Hassock Ottoman, correct? Where did you purchase?

  10. I love the simple lines and bright colors with the neutral walls! So pretty!