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Lilac and Yellow Toddler Room


This is our daughter's first "big girl" room.  Her room is pretty small, but has great light and high ceilings.  The lilac inspiration came from the first color she learned, purple.    We chose to accent with a buttery yellow.  I think we accomplished a super sweet toddler room while avoiding that "kiddie" feel.  It's classic and cheerful, and has an airy, roomy feeling even though it's a small room in the corner of our house.  And she loves it! The vertical stripes are easy with a lot of painters tape and the antique bed sits high giving her a princess feel.  I hope Project Gallery readers like it, as we had so much fun putting it together.

Design Inspiration

Maggie's first color was purple.  That was the first step in designing her toddler room.  Then when a friend found this incredible antique full-size bed it inspired the rest of the room.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is traditional with a cozy, farmhouse feel.  I prefer to use antiques and reproductions when I can find them.

Project Details

DIY Painted Striped Walls:  My first advice is to get someone with a lot of patience to help you.  The painting part is quick and easy but take your time to measure, tape and double check before painting.  Then be patient while the paint dries before pulling the tape off.

  • Base Paint: ¬†Valspar Devine Cream in Satin, pre-mixed with primar (available at Lowes)
  • Thick 1ft Stripes: ¬†Valspar Whisper Lilac in Semi-Gloss (Lowe's)
  • Thin 1/2 inch Stripes: Valspar Sassy Lilac in Semi-Gloss (Lowe's)
Furniture and Accessories:

Favorite Items

The bed.  I fell in love with it over a text message photo and knew it was meant for this room.


This came out better than I expected!  I have a few more details to add (yellow book baskets and something over her bed) but I will have patience finding those things over time.  I was worried about the varying shades of purples but it all worked.  Just go with it.


Thursday 3rd of November 2011

Beautiful room. I especially love monogramed pillow from Petite Minou.


Wednesday 26th of October 2011

You did an amazing job on the walls. How long did it take you to finish painting them? I can only hope I have the patience to draw and paint those vertical lines and make sure the stripes have the right distance from each other by doing painstaking measurements.


Tuesday 25th of October 2011

Lilac is a perfect color for a little girl! It's not as overused and as predictable as pink, but equally feminine and delicate. My favorites here are those two colorful artworks on the wall.


Friday 21st of October 2011

This is a very sweet nursery. I like it very much :)