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Li’l Lumberjack Birthday Party


For Henry's first birthday, as we are entering the colder months and plaid seemed apropos, we decided on a "Li'l Lumberjack" theme. Decor included red-and-black buffalo plaid, wood accents, a retro red "logging" truck, faux pine trees and pinecones. The menu was also lumberjack-inspired, featuring "lumberjack" chili (with assorted toppings such as Black Forest bacon), Maine Root sodas, apple crisp, "tree" nuts, pretzel "logs" and pretzel "twigs, S'mores mix, carrot "sticks" and celery "sticks" with hummus and ranch dip. The cake was red-and-black plaid, topped with a moose and two pine trees. It also featured an ax decorated with the number 1.

Guests were encouraged to wear plaid and facial hair (real or otherwise.) The younger set made their own paper beards and also built cabins out of Lincoln Logs.

On one wall we displayed black-and-white photos from each month of Henry's life from newborn to 11 months. On another we displayed his newborn onesie and diaper contrasted with this 12-month onesie and diaper. A great way to show how much he's grown over the past year.

I've been using the hashtag #ohhenry on Instagram, so we also displayed a bucket of Oh Henry candy bars. I was excited to find the buffalo plaid bucket at Target for $3.

As a nod to a lumberjack's lunch pail, we filled a large lidded basket with goodies displayed in paper bags: pretzels, trail mix, S'mores mix.

Design Inspiration

I'm originally from Maine, so many of the ideas came easily, but I also found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.

Project Details

Red Truck: Target

Red Lantern: Amazon

Cake: Cake Talk Custom Confections

Faux Trees: Amazon

Buffalo Plaid Fabric: (House of Wales Red, now sold out)


Favorite Items

I loved the red truck we featured on the party table, as well as the faux pine trees. But perhaps my favorite piece was the framed Henry Ford quote that I designed in Photoshop.


Plan ahead! I had my table set up several days before the actual day of the party. I also recruited family members to help with food prep. The best part is that most of the decorations can stay up for the entire holiday season! Word of warning: Buffalo plaid fabric is hard to find!