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Light and Lovely Vintage Nursery


Vintage finds and DIY projects create a lovely, colorful, and affordable space for Vesper to grow and be inspired! All for around $450

Design Inspiration

As a lifelong lover of all things vintage, I knew immediately that I wanted our daughter's nursery to reflect the styles of decades past.  Nearly every item in the space was a thrift, garage sale, or vintage find- most of which we already had scattered throughout our house! Most of the inspiration came from the embroidered floral pieces on the walls. I wanted her to have a girly space without boxing her into the "pink" category.  I think we accomplished a unique, ecclectic, and feminine space!

Decorating Style

Traditional "cartoonish" nurseries tend to make me feel silly, so I chose lots of grown up elements and used them in a playful, whimsical way. I feel that this is a space that will be easy to grow and transform as she does!

Project Details

Paint: approximately $80 Grey- Valspar "Silver Birch"; Yellow (crib)- Olympic"Acorn Squash"; White (trim and crown moulding)- Valspar "Du Jour" (all at Lowes)

Crown Moulding- $100; DIY installation and paint, Lowe's

Vintage Jenny Lind crib- $25 (including mattress!) at a garage sale (DIY refinishing and paint job)

Dresser- $100; thrift store find

Hardware- $60 at Lowe's

Side tables- $0; extras “borrowed” from other rooms and storage

Glider- $0; (gifted from my mother) (purchased from Target)

Lamp- $0; on-hand around the house (originally purchased on clearance at Gordmans)

Rug- $20; Six 2x3 mats, at $3 a pop, woven together to form one large area rug = about $20 (and only took me about an hour total!) purchased from Walmart)

Artwork- $2; We already had all of the artwork on-hand (including the large blue “window” frame) except for the "Before I formed you..." print- (a gift from my mother in-law), and the DIY vintage doll dress, which I made myself. The only cost was the frame which was a whopping $2 at Target!

Pennant Banner- $0; DIY no-sew project from vintage sheet scraps

Vintage Chinese Paper Lanterns- $10; vintage purchase from Etsy

Curtains- $0; already had them in the house and begging for an excuse to use them!

Light fixture- $11 at Walmart

Wire “changing station” baskets- $1/ ea at the thrift store

Bumper- $2 vintage find at the thrift store

Misc (electrical outlets and plates, 3M command hooks, velcro, painters tape, etc) approx $30

Grand total: about $450!

Did your jaw just drop? Mine too.

Favorite Items

My favorite items in the room all have sentimental value- the handpainted VESPER letters, done by my mother, the quilt made in 1930 for my husband's grandfather, the chair that was mine as a child with my name painted on the back by my mother, the stool made for my husband as a child by his grandpa, the green shaker-style cabinet that belonged to my great grandmother- they all work together to make this space unique! My favorite "new" piece, though, has to be the rug. I probably saved upwards of a hundred dollars just by making my own and it only took me about two hours!


1.) Don't get stuck on one theme.  It's possible to take a theme too far and a room becomes cheesy and untransitional.  Be flexible and choose a style that will transition easily during each phase of your child's early years. 2.) DIY, DIY, DIY.  Can't find art you like? Make it. Can't afford custom bedding? Fake it. Don't know how? Google it. 3.) Use what you already have in your home.  We had a few tables and lots of art pieces scattered throughout that worked perfectly in the space and saved us a ton on decorative accessories! 4.) Don't be afraid to fill the space in a nursery! Lots of nurseries end up with "baby-sized" art and furniture simply because the space is for a baby. What results is a sparse-looking space! Don't forget that grown adults use this room just as often as your baby, so furniture and art can reflect that!

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  1. avatar Dana says:

    Ahh!!! Not pregnant but def want a vintage theme that is real vintage and not shabby chic type. This is so on point and of very few I’ve loved! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  2. avatar Chelsea says:


    Apologies on just now seeing your question! After asking my husband he informed me that it’s actually Glidden and not Valspar. Hope that helps!

  3. avatar taylor says:

    i love this nursery! especially the wall color. can you confirm it is Valspar “Silver Birch”? i went to Lowe’s to get a sample and they didn’t have it in their system…

  4. avatar IngridCalloway says:

    Congrats for making it to the Project of the Week list of nominees. You deserve it as your room is really lovely.

  5. avatar Dandelion says:

    So many lovely and interesting items in this room, like those frames and what-nots on the wall by the changing table, the Ryan footstool, the window frame, the vintage posters, etc.

  6. Jessica,

    Agreed, Jessica. The drop side cribs are certainly not safe! Luckily, we’re smart cookies and we were able to secure the sides of the crib so that no harm is posed to our baby. Thanks!

  7. avatar avalon says:

    I adore the vintage whimsical touch of this nursery. And oh, those framed vintage posters are just pretty.

  8. avatar Jessica says:

    Beautiful, although you probably should not premote people using a drop side crib. As they are recalled and link to sudden infant death syndrome.

  9. Thank you so much! The glider was white when purchased. I’m not sure if the white is still available on the Target website or not.

  10. avatar Vanessa says:

    Did you paint the glider white? Room looks beautiful!