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Liesl’s 5th Birthday – A Wild Safari Expedition


Liesl absolutely LOVES animals, so we decided that a Wild African Safari would be the perfect theme for her 5th birthday.  Her only request was "live animals", and we found a great non-profit to give the party goers a fun and and education exotic animal show and Liesl was their special assistant.

Design Inspiration

Liesl wanted a safari theme, but I didn't want to do a typical "jungle/safari" theme in typical colors.  I used blush, mint, and gold as the main colors, and paired it with hints of burlap and raffia for a wild/outdoorsy feel, but it still felt girly and sweet. This helped achieve a modern and minimalist feel for her party that I loved, and so did she!

Decorating Style

modern, sophisticated, and girly

Project Details

Party signage, invitations, printed materals: made and designed by myself (Emily Klaparda)

Custom canvas cake table backdrop: made and designed by myself (Emily Klaparda)

Favorite Items

I have so many favorite items, but one of my absolute favorites was the "base camp" play area I set up with safari supplies (canteens, binoculars, hats, etc.)  and a play tent.  The kids had a blast "buying" items from the stand, which was actually a lemonade stand turned into a base camp.

I loved the cake and gold giraffe topper - it really fit the mood and feel of the party, as well as the custom backdrop I made with vinyl decals of animals.

The wild animal show was amazing, and even the adults loved learning about the animals.  The grand finale animal was a brightly colored mandrill (monkey) and took our breath away!

I also loved the goody bags and how they turned out - they were the perfect accessory for our guests!


I bought cheap plastic animals off of ebay and then spray painted them gold for a minimalist and modern safari look.

I also used my cricut to cut out small gold decals for plates, cups, and the cake table backdrop.  It was an easy way to carry the gold animal theme throughout the party.

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  1. avatar Natalie says:

    Hi Emily,

    I know now this post was quite a few years old but I am trying to do a safari bday party for my kids.
    I love everything you did! I have been searching everywhere for those color in wooden masks that I see in your post. Can you please please share with me where you got those. I can’t find them anywhere! Thank you so much for your time.

  2. avatar Feyi says:

    Hi I loved the concept you did for your daughters birthday. Great JOB! I tried looking for the “party animal goody bag” at oriental trading and couldn’t find it? Did you design it with the animals and writing yourself? Or did it come like that?

  3. avatar Bzb says:

    Hi. Where did you get you Safari muslin bag? Did you make them?

  4. Hi everyone!
    Unfortunately the invites and signage aren’t printables and are not for sale. Also the name of the Animal Show contact is Saving Wildlife International.


  5. avatar Monica says:

    Hi Emily,
    I am so in love with every aspect that you put together with this theme.
    Are you selling your pdf file or making those cute invitations?

  6. avatar Andrea says:

    Love your party! We are also in LA area & planning a Safari/ Wild Animal theme at the request our our little guy who is turning 4! Could you share the info for the non profit you had do the animal presentation?


  7. avatar Leah says:

    What an adorable party! Would you mind sharing what cartridge you used for the plate decals?

  8. avatar Aviana says:

    Chic & Stylish minds think alike!! This party is EXACTLY what I’ve been envisioning for my daughters 2nd birthday party!! You did a brilliant job down to every last detail~ I can only hope my darling’s birthday turns out as beautiful! THANK YOU for providing decor references, tips, etc. to save me weeks of scouring Etsy, eBay, vintage boutiques, and on and on!!!!

  9. avatar Katherine says:

    Hi Emily!
    Great party! I love your “watering hole”, “do not fee the animals” and “please take a favor” signs. Would the PDF files happen to be for sale?

    Thank you!

  10. avatar Katherine says:

    Hi Emily!
    I love your “Watering Hole”, your “Do Not Feed the Animals” and your please take a favor signs. Are the PDF files for sale, by any chance?
    Thank you!

  11. avatar Alison says:

    I second on if you will sell your party printables!!! They are perfect and I would totally buy them for my son’s upcoming 2nd birthday! Any chance you’d be willing to sell them?

  12. avatar Yaima says:

    Hi Emily,
    Do you have the party printables (invites/signs) available for purchase? May I ask where did you find the birthday girl dress and the muslin bags?

  13. avatar Scarlet says:

    Emily you are so talented you should have an event planner company. I love your ideas. I have used your previous parties as inspiration for my own. Even though I don’t have your budget, I’ve been able to use your ideas in my events and I’m so glad you post these wonderful birthday parties.

  14. avatar Adaire says:

    this party is beautiful! my son turns 1 in a few months and i was wondering if you mind telling me how you make your signage and invitations.

  15. avatar Jenny Raulli says:

    Love seeing all the inspiration you took from my Gold Safari Party! So fun

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  17. avatar Yaima says:

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply :-)

  18. avatar Emily7112 says:

    hi Yaima – thanks! I only made the decals for the plates, cups, etc – small ones. The larger ones I purchased on etsy – their shop links are above. I’m sure they have some sort of industrial size cutter!

  19. avatar Yaima says:

    Another lovely party! What a beautiful selection of color scheme and theme! You mentioned that you made the decals for the walls, plates, etc. May I ask which kind of cricut you have and does it print decals that big?

  20. avatar Jan says:

    Wow…Wow…Wow!!! You did it again! I love all of your party’s! You are so creative and should start your own business… planning party’s. You put so much detail in all of your party’s and the kids bedroom!