Library Nursery

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  • Numbers Pouf
  • Library Themed Nursery
  • Paper Airplanes Mobile
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  • Library Themed Wallpaper and Library Ladder in this Library Nursery
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  • Scrabble Tiles in this Library Nursery
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  • Bright Orange Monogram Accent Pillow
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  • IKEA Dresser Transformed into Card Catalogue Drawers
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A contemporary, library-themed nursery for book loving parents. 

Design Inspiration

The Cole & Son wallpaper from their Fornasetti collection. The black and white library books on top of stone gray shelves made the perfect canvas for this nursery. And, the parents love for reading, learning, and teaching! 

Decorating Style

Our color scheme was inspired by Ivy League schools, so we mixed in the Yale blue and California gold with touches of cool silver. We love the contrast of a mature design in a little room, which meant keeping everything neutral with our pale blue & white walls, but allowing happy pops of color to burst through the children's books. 

Favorite Items

The paper airplane mobile that we ordered from Etsy, which is a small hint of mischief in an otherwise sophisticated theme. Also, we love the IKEA dresser that was transformed into card catalogue drawers using the perfect hardware.


Don’t be afraid to throw in some grown up patterns because a nursery can also be a stylish room in the house.  


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    Love it all. I especially love the IKEA dresser made changing table. Did you coat the blue dresser with another shade of blue or gloss? Or is it the regular blue dresser they offer?

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    Hi ladies,
    The IKEA dresser was made in navy, lucky enough, but it is no longer available. The card catalogue pulls were ordered through Amazon and the table lamp was on clearance at World Market. Thank you for all the positive feedback!

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    I love this so much! Do you know which Ikea wall shelves these are? I’ve looked through so many on their website and can’t seem to find these! Thanks!!

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    Love that ottoman with the numbers on it!! that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for my sons nursery. Where can I order one??

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