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Liam’s First Room


homemade stuffed animals, ikea furniture, & chalkboard paint.

Design Inspiration

i wanted liam to have a fun. enjoyable room for when we got older -- whats more fun than drawing on walls?!

Decorating Style

modern & eclectic -- all at the same time.

Project Details

i was inspired by ugly dolls which i personally think are a bit overpriced ( so i decided to made my own -- i used fleece which i purchased at joanns fabrics ( i pulled ideas out of my brain for the faces and used felt and hot glue to create them to avoid sewing & buttons to steer clear of choking hazards. once i created all of my sons 'ugly dolls' i found a color scheme i liked : blues & blacks. i went to the home depot and purchased paints ( my turquoise paint was picked from the behr paint selection wall -- but i dont quite remember the name of the color. it was much dark on paper than what it really turned out to be on the walls. & i bought standard black chalkboard paint which is also in the paint section for about 11.00 bucks a can. one can goes a LONNNNG way. once the room was painted, we took a trip to ikea ( which happens to be my favorite place to shop for furniture. its cheap & modern. we chose lights, dressers, crib, and bookcase at ikea. from there, we assembled then room & there you have it. :)

Favorite Items

i love the huge floor lamp & the rody horse which i got from the green alligator in the avondale shopping area in jacksonville florida.


dont overspend. you can create awesome with a budget. create a look in your head that you want and find cheaper options. your child wont be upset that you went with the $50.00 lamp as opposed to the $300.00 lamp.

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  1. avatar AR says:

    LOVE this room!  Boy rooms are difficult to plan for and often turn out BLAH.  But yours is precious and fun.  Really like the idea of recreating the ugly dolls.  Great job!

  2. avatar gema says:

    i really love your room!

  3. avatar mama4 says:

    It’s such a breath of fresh air to see a stylish, fun room that was done on a budget. I can’t help feeling a little inadequate everytime I see a gorgeous nursery with $800 bedding and $500 repro Eames era rockers! I just love all the handmade, original items. What fun!

  4. avatar says:

    I love, love the bookcase. Is that an Decoupage on the white bookcase? Where did you get it?

  5. avatar zendalasao says:

    Great job!!! And the “ugly dolls” you made, are SOOO not ugly…very cute..very modern…i actually thought you purchased those from IKEA!

  6. Love, love LOVE the room. Love all the quirly things, and the fact that is not a ‘baby’ room. The monsters and monkeys you made yourself are amazing! Wanted to ask about the bookcase unit, is that vinyl that you have put on it with the ‘doodles’ or did you do that yourself. I would love to find something similar, but for my family room. Thanks  Daniella