Emerson’s Letters & Numbers Nursery

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This is the nursery that I created for my son Emerson.  Only a few items were purchased brand new; most were hand made by family and friends or refinished by me.  

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was my love for reading and my husband's love for computer programming and math.  That was the inspiration behind the Letters & Numbers theme for my son's nursery.  

Decorating Style

Modern, not to matchy matchy, and eclectic.   

Project Details

*Ubbi Diaper Pail - purchased at Giggle

*Numbers Wall Art - DIY project with vinyl numbers, canvas and spray paint

*1970 Dresser - Purchased off of Craigslist for $100.  It used to be white and I painted it a lovely burnt orange color

*The print on the dresser - purchased off of Etsy and

*The teal and lime green lamps - purchased from Target

*Teal clock - purchased at Target

*"You Are My Sunshine..." Wall Art - DIY yourself project with vinyl letters, canvas and spray paint

*Abacus - DIY project.  This abacus was made by my brother-in-law

*Changing pad cover - purchased off of Amazon

*Black bookshelf - I painted this myself

*Teal curtains - purchased online from Brylane Home

*Night stand - Purchased off of Craigslist also for only $35 and painted.  I used the same black paint that I used on the bookshelf.  

*Glider - The Little Castle Enchanted glider and recliner which we purchased at Walmart

*Teal foot stool with storage - purchased at Target  

*Floor lamp and teal floor rug- purchased from Urban Outfitter

*Crib - purchased from Kids 'N Cribs.  It is the Creations Baby Summer's Evening Sleigh Crib w/ toddler rail

*Quilt hanging over crib was sewn by my best friend to match the various fabrics in the nursery

*Crib skirt was sewn by my mother   

*Quilt inside of the crib was made by my mother with fabrics we selected to match the room.  The back side of the quilt is a very soft minky dot fabric.

*Crib sheets - purchased off of Amazon

*Alphabet wall - DIY project.   I purchased a variety of wooden letters from Michaels and Joann's Fabric and then I spray painted them.  

*Mobile - made by my best friend

*Child sized rocking chair was refinished by my grandfather

*Yarn wrapped "E" was created by my best friend as were the 3 stacking teal storage boxes

Favorite Items

My favorite item in my son's nursery is the burnt orange dresser & changing table combo that I painted.  


Be creative.  Don't be afraid of color.  Don't feel like all of your oranges have to match perfectly or all of your reds have to be exactly the same.  Pick and chose fun items from all over the place that way your room will achieve a more eclectic feel.  


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    Love love this room! what i have been looking for my sons room! What is the color of the paint on the wall??? VERY NICE WORK!

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    Wow, what a beautiful nursery! Good job. your baby boy is so lucky to have you as his mom! I hope that when he is born, you consider very carefully the “need” to circumcise him. Fact is, circumcision is very painful, has risks, and is NOT needed! Please have a quick look at this educational video:


    You can find out more information about RIC (Routine Infant Circumcision) by reading the info posted on this Facebook page:


    I would strongly recommend that you watch the videos listed in the Facebook page before subjecting your son to that. Especially in California, the circumcision rate is awfully LOW. He would be the “minority” in the locker room. Not to mention the fact that if you had a girl, you would NOT be comparing your chest or vagina with hers…so the idea that the dad and son need matching penises is moot. Any intact man will tell you that the foreskin is the BEST PART of his penis. 20,000 + nerve endings in a penis. A clitoris has only 8,000! Please consider leaving his perfect body alone! <3

    I have four sons, all natural, the way God/ Nature made them. Not one has ever had any problem! They see me educating people all the time. They have seen parts of circumcision videos. The oldest, aged 8, asked: "Why are they doing that? It is NOT THEIR PENIS!" The second, aged 6, asked: "Why are they doing that? It is ALREADY SO SMALL!" (Indeed, what man wants a smaller, shortened penis?) The third, aged four, was perplexed: "But where are the PARENTS?!" (As in the parents should be there to save their son from this awful agony.)

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    Just found out I was pregnant and LOVE LOVE LOVE this room. Is there anyway to get the email of the lady that posted this nursery? I would love to see if her friend would be interested in making some of the bedding for me. Any help would be great! My email is [email protected]

    Thank You

  11. 11

    Really?!? This is not the place to share your views about circumcision! When I posted my nursery on this website I was not asking to hear your opinion on whether or not I should circumcise my son or not. I was merely wanting to share the design of my nursery. You should probably keep your views and opinions to yourself unless asked. How do you even know that I had my son circumcised. Thanks for the unwanted input though!

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    My husband and I were thinking of buying that same rug for our nursery but were worried it might be too blue and not aqua or teal enough. I’d love your opinion on the color! I love your nursery!

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    Beautiful nursery! I love all of it! Is that rug soft? I’m thinking about getting the same one for our nursery.

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    I love the crib blanket. Do you think your friend could provide info on the size and maybe a mini tutorial?

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    I love this nursery! I keep going back to it for inspirations on my son’s nursery. I was wondering, does your friend make quilt to sell? I absolutely love the one she made and I can’t find any I love as much.

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