Lavender and Grey Nursery

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We wanted to create a classic nursery that also had a contemporary feel, and it had to be fit for a princess! We knew we wanted lavender to be a main color and decided on a soothing grey for our second color of choice. Of course every girl also needs a few pops of pink in her space! We think this is a room that can grow with our daughter.

Design Inspiration

The chandelier and the bedding were the first pieces that we purchased and then we worked around them.

Decorating Style

Traditional, yet modern and-girly!

Favorite Items

The blanket on the glider, which was crocheted for Mia by her grandma with love.


Don't go to one store and purchase everything from there, shop around! It is easier to create a cohesive look pulling together pieces from different stores, handmade by loved ones, than you might think. To go along with that, don't get hung up on everything being too matchy matchy. That is always my inclination when decorating and I have to remind myself having everything in the same exact shades is nearly impossible to do, and would be more boring in the final result anyway. Our walls are different shades from the curtains, from the bedding, from the accessories in the room, etc.

Don't forget to have great room darkening curtains in your nursery. I'm a firm believer that they help our little girl sleep like a little angel.


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    This is so precious! I was wondering if you would share the paint color name, brand etc. Thanks in advance! -Jenny

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    Can you tell me the paint colors? My daughter-in-law loves this room. I would love to bring it to life for her if I can get those paint colors!

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    I love this paint color, perfect blend between lavender and grey. Can you share the color name?

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