Laurie’s Nursery

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*** English is not my language so I apologize for all mistakes I probably made in the next few lines!


Since I learn I was expecting a girl, I've been slowly working on her nursery. I wanted something girly but simple.  I like bird and the father likes owl and fawn so I tried to mix our taste!

Design Inspiration

I looked around the Internet a lot to find ideas. Thank to Project Nursery for all the great inspiration! I also got a lot of things from Etsy. This is a low budget project and I used lot of  things I already had.

Decorating Style

I really don't know! Maybe you could help me figured it out!

Project Details

Things I got on Etsy


Wall decals:

Bird knobs:

Songbird original print:

Custom bird cage blanket:



Favorite Items

The little bird houses  and the flower light garland I made !


  1. 1

    Very adorable nursery! The colors are so pretty and girly. My fave has to be that lovely ladder-type shelf with colorful birdhouses.

  2. 2

    Gorgeous nursery! Could you please tell me where you got the owl soft toy from in the 1st photo.
    Thanks Emma

  3. 3

    Thank you very much!

    Emma, I don’t know where you live but I got the owl soft toy in Canada in a store name CLÉMENT. The company that is making the soft toy is BÉBÉ STAR, and this is also a Canadian brand. I tried to find out if they sell their products elsewhere but was unable to.

    I’ll give you the link anyway, maybe this could help you! There is others colors that are just as cute!—pink_21901.aspx?id_page_parent=29&prevnext=typemodule%3d1017%26globalitemindex%3d158%26aidcategorie%3d15%26sort%3dTitreASC


  4. 4

    I like the soft and delicate colors, especially the soft green you used for the walls, and the green of that cute little lamp.

  5. 5

    Thank you very much for your help. I live in New Zealand but have a friend in Canada who can ship the toys onto me. Much appreciated! Emma

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