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La Petite Parisienne 1st Birthday


I am a French teacher so I thought it would be fun to do a Parisian theme for my daughter's first birthday. I spent about a month practicing making the pastries and 80% of them were homemade. Children got their own aprons to wear (and take home) while making their own French pastries ("les pains au chocolat" or Chocolate Croissants).


Tuesday 27th of April 2010

Oh my, the aprons are such a darling idea! I have always thought about a party with little aprons for the guests, but I haven't gotten around to actually doing it. And the make-your-own-pastry thing? Such a wonderful and exciting concept. Pretty brave, too, considering how messy the little ones can get. Haha. I'm sure everyone had a grand time, though. I'm sure I would, too, if I had been there.