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Kynlee’s Vintage and Eclectic Nursery


Vintage & Eclectic Nursery w/ Modern Touches

Design Inspiration

There are so many inspirational rooms and photos out there it was hard for me to decide which direction I wanted to go with her room. I am really inspired by rooms that are light and bright but still feel warm and inviting. I love organic, natural items that are fun and trendy as well as functional. And who doesn't love a good DIY project to make it very personal- I tried to make it a reflection of us while just having fun with it! I have no design training or history whatsoever and just did my best to create something unique and special for our little one.

Decorating Style

Eclectic, Vintage Modern

Project Details

(If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me through my personal blog


*Dresser- $10 Craigslist score! Re-painted white, added mustard knobs from Anthropologie
*Chaise Lounge- IKEA EKTORP (in white)
*Aqua Rustic Side Table- Hobby Lobby
*Bird Print (above dresser)- From Etsy Shop Paperklip
*Moose Print (above dresser)- Urban Outfitters
*Curtains- Urban Outfitters Antoinette Damask Curtains
*Wallpaper (behind crib)- Yellow Jacobean Floral from Allen & Roth (at Lowes)
*Vintage Deer Hook- Urban Outfitters
*Mirror- From my mom (used to hang in our house when I was a child!)
*Pallet Shelves- handmade by my hubby- he did not use a tutorial, I showed him a picture as inspiration and he just made them how he wanted!
*Mini-Rocker Chair- this was my husband's from when he was a child
*Mini-Crib- Target- I would not have picked this crib, to be honest, if it weren't for the fact that only a mini-crib would fit in the space opening in the room. However, I am happy with the quality.
*Crib Skirt- it's actually just a blanket from IKEA
*Shelf- My husband got it from an old building from the 1800's. It contains lead paint so we had to scrape it and cover it multiple times with polyurethane to meet regulations. Thankfully it's out of reach of baby so it's not something I worry about her touching or chewing on.

Favorite Items

Pallet Shelves, Re-purposed dresser, Rustic Aqua Side Table and all of the special items that were made by my husband and I or passed down from family.


Make a plan and a budget! Even if you end up ignoring both it's a great way to start and be on the same page with your spouse or significant other (or even just yourself). Don't stress or put unrealistic expectations on yourself- just do what you can when you can. Also- try to find something special from a family member to add in to the room- something that will be unique to your child's nursery. It's a fun way to involve the family and to fill the nursery with heritage, instead of just stuff. And have fun!

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  1. […] LOVE those pallets for book storage!!!… […]

  2. […] LOVE those pallets for book storage!!!… […]

  3. avatar Camila Mosimann says:

    Hi There! Love this nursery! What color did you use on the walls? Exactly what I have been looking for!

  4. avatar jhauer says:


    Sorry, I just now saw this comment! I actually used nails- little thin ones and they have held perfectly!

  5. avatar Carissa says:

    I love this nursery! How did you hang the poms on the ceiling? I have a mobile to hang and am afraid it will fall. Did you just use push pins or ceiling hooks?

  6. avatar LarzyB says:

    LOVE the hubby-made pallet shelves!! Very sweet room!

  7. avatar jhauer says:


    I actually got it at Babies R Us last spring =)

  8. avatar michelle says:

    I love this! where did you get the romper/dress hanging on the deer hook? it looks like a christening dress and I’m looking for something similar :)

  9. avatar jhauer says:


    Thanks Felicia! How fun that our daughters have (almost) matching names =)

  10. avatar jhauer says:


    It’s from Hobby Lobby!

  11. avatar Felicia says:

    I really adore this its so cute and cozy! I also had tissue paper poms at my shower and wishing I had saved them now. I also adore your daughters name as my little girl is Kenlee! Too cute.

  12. avatar Brandi says:

    Love the owl! Where did you find it?

  13. avatar jhauer says:


    Thank you Cara! The mobile is actually just three separate tissue paper poms that my friend used at my baby shower (from Etsy) and I snatched up. I hung them with different thick lace and varying heights to make them look a little more unique. My husband is very handy and paranoid about things falling on Kynlee so I don’t know how he secured the shelves but he said I could probably hang from one and it wouldn’t fall! Good luck with your nursery!

  14. avatar Cara says:

    Very, very pretty! I like the mobile over the chaise. Where is that from? I also like the shelving units to hold the books. Do you worry that they’ll fall down? My hubby said he could try to make those, too! What a good idea to use a blanket as a crib skirt. Right now we don’t have a crib skirt, but I might add one… Thanks for the good ideas!

  15. avatar pictureatale says:

    The rocking chair is a beauty! It does look like it was a lot of fun to put together and the result is a cozy and stylish nursery.

  16. avatar jhauer says:


    Thank you everyone =)

  17. avatar JeanM1211 says:

    BEAUTIFUL job! omg i love it. I love the vintage feel..the mix match and organic details…so nice! I particularly love how the crib has its own nook. And your daughter is sooo cute!

  18. avatar hawahawa says:

    I am so loving the vintage feel of the room. You have done a truly remarkable work here. I like a lot of your vintage decor items, too.

  19. avatar cjko says:

    I really like your nursery and your daughter is adorable!