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Kyle’s Sports Themed Bedroom


A big boy room for my 2 year old.

Design Inspiration

My son and husband both love sports so I started with some of my husbands old trophies, balls, etc. and added some DIY sports prints on the wall that I made out of scrapbook paper. 

Decorating Style

I tend to lean towards contemporary but sometimes I like to mix it up for an eclectic feel.  I like simple clean lines, bold prints, and a lot of color.

Project Details

The most challenging part of this room is the fact that it is so small.  (about 9'x11' including the closet)  My goal was to make it stylish but not overwhelming with too much stuff.  The room was already painted a blue that I liked so I decided to start there and worked my way from that.  Once I found the duvet cover from Pottery Barn Teen I knew the paint color was going to work.  I pulled out the orange color as and accent and also used a bit of brown and navy.  I started with the faux headboard.  I painted a rectangle in white on the wall and made a stencil for the ring pattern that I stenciled in orange.  The trim was painted navy blue and attached to the wall to create the look of a headboard.  I love the way the orange ring patterns looks with the stripes on the duvet.  The furniture was all from Ikea.  The bed-side table looks like a little locker which I thought was appropriate for the sports theme.  I used scrapbook paper to make the "swoosh," star, & "home run" prints above the bed.  I personalized the space with a basketball and baseball from husbands childhood, trophies my husband had from high school,   sports letters from high school days, and a black and white picture of my Dad's little league team.  I really wanted to design a room that would grow with my son.  Not only did I include the sports items but also other items that most boys love like trucks, planes, books, and a globe. 


Bookshelf, bookcase, dresser, mirror, sports locker, floor lamp (I spray painted the shade orange) - IKEA

Duvet cover - Pottery Barn Teen

Globe bank - Land of Nod

Airplanes (hanging) - JoAnn Fabrics

White lamp - Target (added the navy trim with a glue gun)

 see more details at

Favorite Items

The headboard is my favorite part of the room.  The inspiration for the stencil was from  Serena & Lily's french ring sheets.  I love that pattern but wanted something more bold to go in that room. 


The key is to choose items that will grow with your child.  For bedding I like to look at more grown-up bedding (like the stripes) and add in the accessories to give the room a more child-like feel.  Then when they move on to a new interest or a new favorite thing it is easy to change their room accordingly without too much expense.   


Tuesday 15th of February 2011

I like them airplanes :) And I think that the whistle on the plant pot made for a great touch too.


Thursday 3rd of February 2011

I think that mixing the clean lines, simple patterns and bold colors really did make this room very attractive.  I love the personal touches that the photographs, the medals and the trophies created.

Tuesday 1st of February 2011

Thank you so much.  That made my day!


Monday 31st of January 2011

This is outright beautiful!  It looks like it came out of a magazine!  Thanks for sharing your ideas!