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Kori’s Handmade Nursery


I wanted to create a baby room that wasn't too "babyish." All decorations are handmade by me.

Design Inspiration

I generally think nursery themes are tacky unless done just right, and wasn't finding any products I really liked. I also hate the fact that everything I was finding for a girl was frilly and ridiculously expensive. I am a scrapbooker/crafter, so I just decided to make my own stuff.

Decorating Style

Simple, clean lines

Project Details

I used patterned scrapbook paper to create most of the items. Compared to what's out there, it's very cheap.

Favorite Items

Hmm... the big letter K, I guess.


Email me and I'd be glad to help!

Starlight Juliet

Friday 28th of October 2011

Yikes, I didn't know it was for a girl until I read the post. The color palete totally screams 'boy'


Friday 24th of June 2011

Wow, a nursery full of handmade details. I simply love it! You are so talented and creative, I wish your baby inherits that trait from you.