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Koah’s Nursery


With little money and guided by a budget I knew I wanted to design a nursery for my son that reflected who we are, and one with personality and creativity.  I wanted it to be a special place for him to sleep, play and grow.  I feel I achieved it to my liking!


Design Inspiration

I wanted something colorful and modern, but also had a retro/vintage twist.   I had been researching blogs for months and was guided into the direction I wanted, starting with the tissue puffs.   I was very drawn to them because they are so cute and whimsical.  This room is not babyish, it's fun and playful, and I think will serve as a wonderful place for our son.

Decorating Style

I love decorating with white furniture and color accents.   It gives the room a sense of simplicity but at the same time the colors really catch your attention and pull the room all together.

Project Details

Owl Lamp and lampshade:  Target.  This lamp came with a black lampshade.  I decided to get a different lampshade that would go with the vibe I wanted.

Rocking Chair/Recliner:  I was visiting my friend who happen to be having a garage sale that day and she was selling this chair.  When I sat in it she then offered it to me for free.  I LOVE IT!!!!

Side table:  a friend gave this to me when it was stained brown in it's original condition.  When I saw it I knew it would be perfect right next to our rocker.  I first sanded it down, then painted it white.  I added the knob which I painted turquoise.

Curtains: Target

Hanging Mesh Owl:  purchased along time ago, don't remember where I got it.

Ceramic Owls: eBay

Hoot Hoot Hoot Owl Print:  Zulily, frame found at thrift store and re-painted turquoise.

Letter Blocks: Cinnamon Sticks - Hammondsport, NY

Corner shelves:  Handmade by my dad, and then I spray painted them aqua.

Yellow shelves: Handmade by my dad, and then I painted them yellow.

For I Know The Plans I Have For You Elephant Art Print:  amyjdelightful Etsy Store,  frame purchased at Michaels.

Grey Mirror:  Found at a thrift store.  This was originally white, so I sanded it and painted it grey with Martha Stewart craft paint.

Wooden elephant:  I found this at a thrift store.  It was originally part of a lamp and had bright red and different colors decorated all over it.  I first sanded it down and re-painted it with Martha Stewart craft paint.

Chevron K in Frame:  I made the chevron print on the letter K by stenciling the chevron pattern and then painting it aqua and white using Michael's craft paints.  The frame was found at a thrift store in it's original condition in a pea green color, so I sanded it down and painted it a glossy white.

Solar Owl:  Gift from a friend, but purchased at Lundeen's gift shop- Culver City, CA

BlaBlaDoll: Lundeen's gift shop- Culver City, CA

Wooded Owl Plaque:  gift from Mother in Law

We Made a Wish and You Came True Plaque:  handmade gift from a friend

Chevron Animal Prints:  I designed these and then had my amazing cad artist friend make them for me.  I purchased the frames at Michaels.

Tissue puff balls: handmade by me

Vintage baby scale: given to me from a friend

Owl plush:  gift from a friend from Pier 1 Imports

Orange/Turquoise Giraffe: Target

Changing table/dresser: purchased off Craigslist, then re-sanded and re-painted white.  Painted the knobs turquoise.

Hamper:  Koala Baby from Babies R Us.

Diaper Pail: Baby Trend Diaper Champ, gift from Buy Buy Baby.

Crib:  gift from my friends.  Graco Charleston- purchased at Target.

Crib bedding:  Dwell Studio Menagerie- Target|13004403&CPNG=home&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=13004403

Crib bumper:  I knew I didn't want the bumper on the inside of the crib, after hearing mixed ideas about it, so I researched other ways to utilize them and found some inspiration to put it on the outside.  I wanted it simply for decor, so I think it worked out perfect.

Owls decals: gift from mother in law

Bookshelves: made by my dad, and painted yellow

Owl painting: handmade by my husband's Aunt.

Zebra roll toy and wooded giraffe music maker: gift from my brother from when he went to Kenya.

Bicycle print:  free printable off the internet-  Frame purchased at Michaels.

Stripes and leaves print:  scrapbook paper in frames, both from Michaels.

Basket: Marshall's.

Mini baskets: Cost Plus World Market

Bookcase: Ikea

Paper Owl on top of blankets:  made by a friend that was used in a diaper cake she made me.

Crane humidifier: gift, purchased at Buy Buy Baby.






Favorite Items

I LOVE my rocking chair, it is extremely comfortable and super cute.  Goes perfectly with the room.  I of course don't have just one, but I also love the owl lamp and tissue puffs, because of the personality it adds to this space.



I think having an inspiration really helped narrow down my vision.  I felt all over the place at first, but after doing my research I was able to pinpoint specific ideas I knew I wanted in the room.  Once I had a direction, I was on a roll.  I also suggest DIY because it is affordable and alot of fun to create!  Stop by thrift stores for things you think you might be able to re-vamp, it'll add such a nice touch!


Tuesday 31st of January 2012

That owl painting is lovely! I also like that cute little sign or quote and the three cute little artworks below it.


Saturday 28th of January 2012

This nursery is clean and lovely, and I guess the best thing about it is that it was done on a limited budget. This proves that you don't really have to spend so much to come up with a nice and pretty space.