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Knox’s Winter One-derland Party!


I love coordinating themes and colors, so it seemed obvious to throw Knox's 1st birthday party in a woodland theme to match his room! Aquamarine is his birthstone, and the accent color for his party. I searched and searched for ideas to make as many food items as we could a part of the theme. We turned glazed donut holes into mini hedgehogs, PBJ sandwiches became little fox faces, aqua peanut M&Ms were robbin's eggs, among some of my favorites! The centerpiece of the table was a large manzanita branch with twinkle lights and a fuzzy owl perched on a branch. Cupcakes had edible butterflies and signs that said "Knox's Onderland". His cake looked like a birch tree stump with little woodland fondant friends on top. I know he wont remember all the details I agonized over for weeks to plan the perfect party (except for pictures), but I am a proud mama and just couldn't help myself!