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Knox’s Maritime Adventure Big Boy Room


My son's big boy transition room from baby to adventure loving little man.

Design Inspiration

A vintage table cloth I found while antiquing on Cape Cod depicting a series of Nantucket whaling and seafaring images.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it was destined to make a great pillow.  I also found a fabulous little greeting card that brought together the whole seafaring adventure room and color palette.

Decorating Style

New England new traditional

Project Details

I set out to create a room with a timeless feel but that was still appropriate for a little New Englander. I didn't want it to be overly nautical so instead I choose to stick to things that had a nautical feel but didn't have anchors and ship's wheels all over them.  The  map mural brought in an amazing array of colors and really brought the whole room together.  I used 1/2" manilla rope to create the gallery wall over his dresser.  I love that it gives us a rotating way of displaying family photos.  A few choice accessories like a vintage brass spy glass, some heirloom Hardy Boys books and a great, colorful Indian headdress all speak to the adventure loving spirit that lives within all little boys without reading too "theme-y".

You can see most of my sources for the room:

Favorite Items

It's hard to pick!  I love the map mural but the curtains and light are pretty fantastic as well.


Take the time to measure and floor plan your space.  The bay windows, an awkwardly placed radiator and a closet door in the middle of a wall made planning the furniture for this space tricky.  I fought the idea of putting the bed in front of the bay windows for a long time but once I accepted that that was the best placement for it, everything else fell into place.  Framed by some gorgeous bold striped curtains the bed sits as a crowning piece in this room now and we have ample floor space to play and get a vintage chair in there as well.

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Monday 13th of October 2014

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