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Kiki’s Bedroom


I needed to create a fun room for Kiki, a 9 year old girl. The room needed a sleep area plus an arts and crafts area to nurture her creativity.  Kiki is very creative and artsy and I needed the room to reflect that.  Once we settled on the colors, the rest sort of came together. 

Design Inspiration

Vibrant and girly colors, fun and bold! 

Decorating Style

No style.   Whatever I feel suits the child as long as the parents are OK with it.  A child's room should reflect their unique personality, like an old pair of shoes. The child should feel like he or she fits right in. Cozy, familiar and personal.  This is what I bear in mind when I create spaces for kids or babies.

Project Details

We designed this room with a lot of fun finds. With the mom and Kiki adding their personal touches, we got this room completed. The bedding is a custom Blooming babies set  from my exclusive line, available at  The floral wall art is hand painted by the mother.

Favorite Items

The custom hand painted wall art.  


Don't be afraid to experiment with color and be bold.  Use one wall for a center focus and be creative.  If you have busy walls, then go solid with the bedding. If the bedding has a lot of pattern and texture then do less on the walls.  Hang paraphernalia of the child so that their room feels and looks like it's familiar turf.


Friday 2nd of March 2012

Kiki's room is so girly, with the pink, yellow and green colors. It is just perfect for girls' slumber parties!