Kids Bathroom

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My husband and I bought a home in Oklahoma City and we are currently renovating. The kids bathroom did not have a bathtub so we knew it was necessary to update this room immediately. My kids are 5, 3 and 8 months so having a bathtub in the house was a must! Having two girls and a boy, I new the project needed to be gender neutral. My style is very traditional, but I wanted to add a few fun things to the project since my kids are so young and I wanted everything to be able to transition easily as they grow. For example, I added a built in step stool that is very necessary and practical right now, but later down the road, it can be transitioned to a drawer. We are so happy with this room and I’m so thankful to finally have a bathtub in the house!


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    Hi! How did you go about adding the custom step stool? Was this an entire custom vanity or did you have this added to an existing store bought vanity?

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    Hi can you share what color painting did you use for the cabinets?

    Thanks katherine

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