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Kezia Room


The guest room was painted with light yellow. When we found out we were expecting the guest room would be our 1st baby's bedroom. I thought it is simply a good opportunity to create. It is a small space so we can't be creative so much with adding furntiure etc but we can paint the walls. By looking at the wall I can envision lines that would make the room look longer. I joined the freecyclers group and picked up some paint and simply worked around with what I have. As for inspiration? It is the idea of having an opportunity to create and working with what you've got (innovate). I thought didn't have ideas on the other wall. So, I've asked my husband to create something on the other side -- his own. He has never done it before and was weary about it painting is easy if you make a mistake paint over it. If you plan and sketch your idea it should be OK. So here is the snippet of what my husband ended up doing.
Submitted by : Bernee Lee

Decorating Style

Modern, fresh and clean.

Project Details

Foot Print and Hand Print - a different color for right and left.

Alphabet Print was originally designed as a modern monogramme stationery.

Paint Colors were received from freecyclers. We didn't choose it is what's available.

Crib a hand me down.

Pillow around the crib. MIL sew a light avocado green as the original pattern was too busy and we didn't want the decor to blend and not clash.

Favorite Items

Our favourite in the room - - the wall murals and the paintings. We will take more photos. We change every so often as to how we decorate.