Kenzie’s Shiny Nursery

  • Pink and Gold Shiny Nursery
  • 2/27
  • Born to Shine Wall Decal
  • 4/27
  • 5/27
  • 6/27
  • 7/27
  • Gold Polka Dot Changing Pad Cover
  • 9/27
  • Personalized Baby Blogs Painted Gold
  • 11/27
  • 12/27
  • 13/27
  • Gold Star Mirror
  • 15/27
  • 16/27
  • 17/27
  • 18/27
  • 19/27
  • 20/27
  • 21/27
  • 22/27
  • 23/27
  • 24/27
  • 25/27
  • 26/27
  • 27/27


I have been waiting for a baby GIRL for a very long time! I knew her nursery would have to feature a lot of pink, but I did NOT want your traditional pink frilly nursery. My baby girl needed lots of color, lots of shine and little classic rock thrown in for good measure!

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by the amazing palette of pinks, corals, and shiny gold accents.

Decorating Style

I love modern design, and am inspired by retro influences....everything from Mid Century to groovy 70's

Project Details

Most of the items were designed specifically for this room by Modified Tot (Crib Set, Wall Decals, Canvas Prints, Art Prints, Changing Pad Cover, Pillow)

Chandelier: IKEA Hack

Lamp, Rug and Frames: IKEA (we spray painted all the silver to GOLD!)

Star Mirrors and Gold Curtains: Pier 1

Side Table: ($10!) Repainted with some tips found here.

Baby Blocks I Painted GOLD: Vintage Avocado on Etsy

Milk Glass Vases GOLD Dipped: The Dezign Shoppe on Etsy

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the crib bedding, just because I designed it especially for her:)


Don't be afraid of DIY projects and making something your own! A lot of the items weren't 'just right' when I found them, so I made them perfect for our project! This can save you a lot of money and leave more in the budget for splurges you can't do yourself!


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    Hey I am interested in the baby blocks but can’t find any on etsy! Any suggestions for any like the ones you have? Thank you!

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