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Kennedy’s Nursery


This nursery shares a mix of a contemporary wood accent wall with some fun, large print peony wallpaper.

What I love about the wood accent wall is how easy it was to do ourselves - there’s no exactness to it and you can really just start cutting pieces and placing it on the wall.

Some of my recommendations:

1. For the wood accent wall, paint the wall and wood pieces before mounting. It saves so much time to just have to touch up paint after.
2. Peel and stick wallpaper is the best!! It only took about 2 hours to install the peony wall (and it was my first time installing wallpaper)
3. Find a local craftsman that can help you get creative and custom with your space. Our corner shelves were totally custom, but totally reasonable because I found a wood worker just starting to build his business. He did such a great job!