Kate’s Enchanted Forest

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My husband and I wanted a unique, gender-neutral nursery that you couldn't find at any baby store. My husband has a quirky fondness for garden gnomes so that was the original inspiration. Then along came the trees, birds, foxes and toadstools that created the rest of Kate's Enchanted Forest. 

Design Inspiration

I scoured the internet for DIY blogs so that I could make her nursery on a serious budget. I loved seeing nurseries filled will happy woodland creatures and wanted to add my own spin on the theme. 

Decorating Style

Modern, DIY, and Colorful

Project Details

Most of the decorations were made by either myself, family or friends. 

My sister made the quilt out of a collection of Michael Miller Fabrics called Gnomeville. 

I painted the mural using Benjamin Moore paint and a tutorial I found on http://prissthis.blogspot.com/

My husband made and painted the wall-mounted bookshelves using Benjamin Moore paint and a tutorial from http://justagirlblog.com

I made the bird mobile using a plain twig wreath and a pattern for fabric birds from http://designdazzle.blogspot.com/

My husband sanded and polyurethaned a tree stump for the side table. We loved the tree stump table at West Elm but didnt love the $200 price tag. 

My friend Katie made the garland and some stuffed lovies for the room

The crib was from the Baby Mod line at walmart and the dresser/changing table is from ikea. The nursing recliner was a $30 steal at a yard sale!

Favorite Items

I love how the mural came out. It really pops and sets the mood for the room. It also ended up being a lot cheaper than buying wall decals (which wouldnt stick to our textured walls anywhoo) 

I also love the crib. I wanted something simple with clean lines that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Its also perfect because its low to the ground (I'm a shortie and can reach the baby perfectly in it) 


There are so many sites out there to inspire DIY projects. Just google away until you find what you want! You can normally make it yourself for a small fraction of what you would pay for it at a store. The only things we bought new were the crib and the changing table. We spent a little over $500 for a unique nursery that we love! 


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    Where did you get the green rug? I am also planning a forest nursery and the rug looks kind of grassy and very soft.

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