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Kalia’s Vintage DIY Nursery


Kalia's nursery was not completed until she was about 7 months old.  We moved when she was 3 months old, so I nested for nearly 15 months before I could start decorating!  The room is filled with many DIY projects, pretty much the only things I did not alter were the crib, rug and the glider.

Design Inspiration

I wanted a vintage, clean space that could grow with her from babyhood onward.

Decorating Style

Shabby chic, coastal, vintage

Project Details

Crib- Jenny Lind


Trunk- Vintage find, re-painted by me 


Dresser, Ladder & Nightstand- Craigslist items-  redone by me-


Glider & Stool- Babies R Us, no longer available


Gallery Wall- Frames- eBay, Craigslist & antique finds 



Keep Calm and Change Poop- TheLobsterPot Etsy Shop


Be Kind & Have A Generous Heart Prints- Loopz Etsy Shop


Mon Petiti Chou Chou & Love Grows- Gingiber Etsy Shop 

Je t'aime- Print I made in Photoshop




Hippo Bin 


Pennant- Handmade with fabric found while thrifting


Light- Paper Lantern DIY 




Love You Flash Card Frame- Frame thrifted, flash cards   KAS frames- same flashcards, frames from Hobby Lobby   

Favorite Items

Hard to pick one!  The gallery wall was such a labor of love- finding the frames, picking the art... but I also love her dresser and trunk too!  


Patience!  If you allow enough time and patience, you can find items you have been searching for- the dresser took me two months to find, but I love it!  


Do not be afraid to do things yourself, her nursery was my first time redoing furniture, creating art, and much more, I made mistakes, (some things may be crooked ;) learned a lot and created a space we enjoy.


Between the DIY projects and the Craigslist finds, we were able to save a lot of money and I never felt like we sacrificed the overall design and look I was going for.

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  1. avatar laurel says:


    Thank you so much, that is so sweet!

  2. avatar hawahawa says:

    I do admire your talent and I wish that I had the same talents as you do. Sigh. Great work on this room.

  3. avatar abubblylife says:

    Rebecca M,

    Hi Rebecca! Thank you for your comment! I actually found a white in the “oops” pile at Lowe’s so it was just a lucky find and not the intended color on can, so I do not know the color. I used a matte white spray paint on the handles. I included the link in the post on the makeover project for the dresser.
    Good Luck on your nursery!!

  4. avatar Rebecca M says:

    Hi I was wondering what color you used to paint your dresser? I just bought one for my little girl nursery and am searching for the perfect color!

  5. avatar laurel says:


    Hi Marissa! Thank you! The frames for the galley wall were craigslist and eBay finds, I included the link in my post on how I found them.
    The Hobby Lobby frames are in the second to last picture and hold the flashcard letters K A S.
    Thank you for commenting!

  6. avatar Laurel says:


    Thank you Marissa!
    The frames on the gallery wall were frames found on Craigslist and eBay- all the info is here-

    The hobby lobby frames hold the letters K A S in the last picture.

  7. avatar MarissaS says:

    I just love the frames you have there, are these the ones from Hobby Lobby?