Kalia’s 2nd Birthday Dress Up Party!

  • Girl 2nd Birthday Dress Up Party Girl Dresser
  • Girl 2nd Birthday Dress Up Party Mirror
  • Girl 2nd Birthday Dress Up Party Main Dresser
  • Girl 2nd Birthday Dress Up Party DIY Dress Trunk
  • Girl 2nd Birthday Dress Up Party Hangar Backdrop
  • Girl 2nd Birthday Dress Up Party Bubble Party Favors
  • Girl 2nd Birthday Dress Up Party Glitter Wands
  • Girl 2nd Birthday Dress Up Party Confetti


Kalia's dress up party was so much fun! She had a wonderful time and guests loved rummaging through the dress up trunk and taking funny photos in front of the confetti wall backdrop!

Design Inspiration

I found a beat up steamer trunk and wanted to make it over into a dress up trunk for Kalia- I decided to plan the entire party around it!

Decorating Style

Modern and shabby chic mixed together

Project Details

I used Kalia's dresser from her nursery as the food table,  a large thrifted mirror to check your outfit in, a DIY changing tent, the trunk of dress up goodies and finally, rounding out the dress up theme were glittered hangers  strung throughout party with my favorite photos of Kalia from the year.

Every guest went home with a diy ballerina topped homemade bubble favor.

Kalia's party was a multitude of DIYs, all can be found on my blog:

Entire Party post (more pics)

Ballerina Bubble Favors

Confetti Background

Chalkboard Photo Props

Glitter Hangers

Crepe Paper Lanterns

Glitter Animals

Pom Pom Tablecloth

Large Balloons from TomKat Studio

Paper Lanterns Luna Bazaar

 Photography Taylor Glazner

Favorite Items

I loved decorating the dressers with streamers, it was so easy and I thought it looked so cute.

Kalia's favorites were the confetti background (the circles are now in her room) and the dress up tent or peek a boo tent as she liked to use it for :)



If you plan on a party of many DIYs, leave yourself ample time to create and make changes if (when) mistakes come up!  Having a plan and a timeline also allows for great finds- many items were made from thirfted materials or even free (bubble jars!).


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    I love the concept of the party. It’s glam and fab and girly. Love the sparkly hangers, the feather boas, and all the glitters!

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